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moteltrivago 1 weeks
What type of lunatic pays for porn
ffcSquall 1 weeks
In the days before the internet, you had to. Those were dark, dark times indeed.
R Lewis 1 weeks
*Insert joke here*
R Lewis 1 weeks
Poor Charlie. On a lighter note, his eyesight has improved tremendously.

M.Twain 1 weeks
The boxes were dumped in 2017, did it take him this long to find a lawyer who would take this bs case. And with the internet rife with porn I doubt if his collection was worth much. Now the sex toys he might have a case, but only if they were unused, no one wants to buy a previously owned sex toy.
Gus Lone 1 weeks
Probably he is seeking compensation because of the sentimental value of His porn collection!! 😁😁
R Lewis 1 weeks
@Twain. I must disagree. I think gently used sex toys appreciate in value. Or so a friend told me. *Ahem*
Experiment Eks 1 weeks
There might be a website out there selling used sex toys because someone recently told me there's some sick f*cks buying used panties. Too bad though that they don't take used gym shorts.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
That "man" clearly needs professional help.
Minnow 1 weeks
Prostitution is a profession that could help.
William Eblen 1 weeks
There are single issues of playboy that have sold for six figures in auction.

Experiment Eks 1 weeks
The parents are probably regretting they didn't abort this one.
MEIJIN44 1 weeks
Considering he bought it with his own money maybe they should shut the fuck up and don't destroy property that doesn't belong to them. Just saying. No matter the product it is a dick move. If it's not yours don't sell it or destroy it.
Experiment Eks 1 weeks
Considering that he was warned by his parents that if they found porn in their house again, a condition he knew they couldn't tolerate and he did not respect while staying on their property, then they had the right to do it. Also considering he left it all when he was kicked out I doubt he valued it that much.
MEIJIN44 1 weeks
Fair point but destroying someone's property because you don't like it is still wrong. Just drop it off at his house and if he bitches it is his problem. Destroying someone's property is still sue worthy and they will likely lose because they had no right to destroy it when they could have given it back to him.

Notsurewewillsee 1 weeks
Possession is 9/10ths of the law, if it was that important he should have taken it when he left. Knowing his parents feelings.

Havoc44 1 weeks
I don't give a fuk how much money your antique porn collection was worth. you're a complete waste of human skin if you decide to sue your parents. end of discussion
Bart De Bock 1 weeks
eh, there are legitimate cases where one SHOULD sue their parents. rape or abuse come to mind... perhaps the sick fucks that sell their kids as prostitutes to get some drugs?
T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
My best friend's mom was an alcoholic who stole money from her to buy beer all the time. The stupid bitch is dead now (liver failure), and good riddance. You speak as though all parents are saints who would never harm their children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bad parenting is why we have so many broken, disfunctional people in this world.
Aight Bradley 1 weeks
*over pron. Some parents are actually shit and should be sued.

Curtis Adams 1 weeks
the DNA left on his "collection" could've solved many open cases

Seth Napier 1 weeks
It was nice knowing you all. This is just another sign of the times.

Mitchell 1 weeks
This gets funnier the more about it I read. Yeah I think the parents were probably wrong to do this, but still.

Saritha Herath 1 weeks
Charlie? I know damn well that penguinz0 would do no such thing!
Aight Bradley 1 weeks
Right? He would have never left it with his parents.

robert 1 weeks

Andrew 1010 1 weeks

R Lewis 1 weeks
This is an 'All In The Family' episode titled 'Charlie Shaves His Palms'. Archie Bunker, we miss you.

DivineDawn 1 weeks
I used to work with a guy named Charlie
R Lewis 1 weeks
Did he have a firm handshake?

R Lewis 1 weeks
Seriously, I'm doubled over laughing at this magnificent tale of woe. Best news story so far this year. Charlie, you are my hero.

Unbiased Intent 1 weeks
That's gross on several levels.

Little Scar 1 weeks
Parents house= Parents rules. Why do I get the feeling this is a self-entitled male? When my parents discovered I had vulgar music albums in the house they destroyed them. I didn't piss and moan about it. I simply accepted that I'd be stuck with corny music until I moved out on my own. Now I'm a metal head who also has an appreciation for artists like Elvis Presley and Michael Bolton lmao.

Jack Donnager 1 weeks

KikkomanSoySauce 1 weeks
bruh sound effect #2

Andrew Nigo (Nytro) 1 weeks
Dude, if you didn't take the porn with you whenvypu first moved put, that's on you. personally, I would have just sold it all or something.