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........ 1 weeks
It's still sad... We all do stupid things when we're young.. that said I wish people would fucking wake up and realize this selfie shit is destroying humanity.
Minnow 1 weeks
Wait, what? Are you trying to suggest nihilism is not the answer?!?!?
TakeThePill 1 weeks
Nah fam. Let's black pill society into collapsing. From the ashes, a new, more sardonic breed of man will rise.
DivineDawn 1 weeks
she was trying to take a picture of the NYC skyline not her self

Christopher Stone 1 weeks
Darwin award nominee.

The Last Viking 1 weeks
Y’all savages in the comment section lol

Samaritan 1 weeks
And nothing of value was lost

Notsurewewillsee 1 weeks
Sadly this is what happens when we treat adults like kids until they are 26. While we all do stupid stuff when we are young, at 22 you should be a some what responsible adult, not a stupid teenager doing dangerous stuff for a stupid picture!
StrangeCalibur 1 weeks
Speak for yourself I was running a buisness at 26
Big Bang Boi 1 weeks
StrangeCalibur ok bud
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 1 weeks
StrangeCalibur ... Selling off high level World Of Warcraft accounts on EBay does not constitute being a buisness owner

TakeThePill 1 weeks
Good. If you do something that stupid, you get no pity from me. Get a damn drone, that's what they're for.
Minnow 1 weeks
There in debt up to there eyeballs probably. They won't buy a drone, so obviously there is only one answer: we must climb the building. Consequences be damned!
Experiment Eks 1 weeks
I've seen Chinese ones sell for less than a hundred dollars and with the kind of photography most of these people do wherein they purposely blur photos, add a shit ton of filters, and then put some stickers, and "witty" sayings... I say the picture quality of these cheap drones will be more than enough.
HueHueo Suezo 1 weeks
Saying 'Good' is not the same thing as giving no pity or sympathy. That's just being garbage.

Rick Avory 1 weeks
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution at play here.

Freddie Racc 1 weeks
Natural selection

Joseph Cribari 1 weeks
life is like a box of chocolates. you have to appreciate whatever piece you randomly pull out. if you keep going after what you want, in time, all you'll be left with, is the opposite. now, you could always just not eat from the box of chocolates, but that's literal suicide.

Return of the Gorgon 1 weeks
another Darwin Award winner!

(Arcamean) 1 weeks
Stupid is as stupid does.
error msg 001 1 weeks
Literally was gonna say that! High five 🙏

Deadman 0_0 1 weeks
Why is everyone in the comments acting like she fell climbing the outside of the tower? As far as I can tell from the reports she was on a staircase inside when she tripped and fell. So why the Darwin award stuff? It was some freak accident. Or am I missing something?
Mitchell 1 weeks
The CBS link would suggest it was from the outside.
Minnow 1 weeks
@Deadman The tower is locked, and they snuck in at 3a.m. Doesn't seem like a place intended for just general public to roam around in or out. Falling 30' because losing footing in a building they weren't supposed to be in sounds pretty stupid.

Gradient Flow 1 weeks
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Jack and Jill went up the tower to snap the skyline's third hour Jill fell down and broke her crown Upon her grave we place a flower

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Now I'm free, I'm free fallin'  Yea I'm free, free fallin'.

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Photo snap, skull crack, flat packed.

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
She was the belle of the fall

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
University: for our rising stars... and our falling ones too.

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Hump me dump me did humpty dumpty.

RaiRai 1 weeks
I don't want to talk ill of the dead, but I do not get why this is news. I rather hear about people who actually do something helpful or meaningful!