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Unbiased Intent 1 weeks
Build that wall, build it tall.

SimonR 1 weeks
Better than 0

........ 1 weeks
Elon musk needs to help Trump an even more effective wall in cost and keeping illegals out.

Sjoerd van den berg 1 weeks
great news. Go Mr Trump

Rocky LeBlanc 1 weeks
Keep it coming! The most vulnerable Americans are counting on you to get another win for them Mr. President.

Aight Bradley 1 weeks
It's actually happening. God bless President Trump.

moteltrivago 1 weeks
Use the money to double the height of the already existing wall
DivineDawn 1 weeks
the existing wall is a joke they just cut through it most of the time

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Still not Good Enough.

space ghost 1 weeks

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
That billion was already tagged for use by the armed forces.

Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
now he's doing 5G it's a useless gesture