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R Lewis 5 months
Germany 1933- population 67 million. SS members - 50,000. We all know how that went. Numbers are only part of the equation. Don't write off the radicals as if they are harmless. They, like cancer, can do more damage than you might think.
Robert Hicks 5 months
I get your point, but I know that your comment will take the discussion in a different direction.
Regrin Kade 5 months
Yeah, like the direction that mentions the fact that this is a clear attempt to equate the two, while conveniently forgetting that progressive policies are popular among majority of US population
Star Alien 5 months
Muh nazis

The Masta 5 months
Haha I love how they are eating each other. I almost hope AOC would get second term, just to see those clowns to implode under their own politics
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
AOC is the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Abraham Lincoln. She may single handedly get Trump re-elected.
Chan Donald 5 months
Rocky It's not AOC, it's a team effort. The infighting plus the staggering ignorance in some of these politicians just pushed all the moderates away and Pelosi is desperate to try and pull them back in.
Tristan Viana 4 months
I love how Pelosi is supposedly a "progressive" yet she's trying to get back "moderates". Moderates are people who can't pick a side. The "center" is not the midpoint between democrats and republicans. The center is reflected by policies which are most popular among the people. Americans largely agree with AOC and support the progressive platform. Money in politics is the issue, not how you're going to pay for it. When over 70% of the country and over 80% of all democrats want Med4All, Green New Deal, etc. it's not like they can't come up with a way to pay for it. THEY DON'T WANT TO! They want war. They want private insurance intact. Because that's how they get paid. Nancy Pelosi is serving the donor class, not the "moderates", and certainly not the democratic base. When 52% of republicans want Med4All, Pelosi is to the RIGHT of Trump voters! She is a CONSERVATIVE, not a progressive! She just happens to label herself a progressive and raises a bunch of money for the democrats, which is why she keeps getting elected, even tho her approval rating is even worse than Trump's. Pelosi is a malignant cancer on the democrats and needs to get voted out..

Daddy Tito 5 months
You’d think that if progressive policies were so popular they’d be able to win an election without the use of primarying. Or maybe Bernie would have been able to beat the worst candidate ever to run for president. But I guess Twitter’s one hell of a drug.
Heidi Melcarek 5 months
are u mentally incompetent? the primary was rigged. it was proven by the clinton/podesta emails.
Daddy Tito 5 months
You know she won by over 10% right? Maybe if it was at all close you could make the case he should’ve won...
Star Alien 5 months

Radical Moderate 5 months
AOC and her companions broke the unwritten rules of congress in challenging seniority and speaking out consistantly. Pelosi will attempt to erode their grasp on the Democrats over time. I suspect she will fail, for better or for worse.
Drago5313 5 months
How much worse can it even get? Well aside Aoc as president..... Nononono don't even think about that
mike 5 months
@Drago... find something wood immediately and beat it to pieces...

Sandman 5 months
"It's like totally only 5 people." Looks at her staff, "Right?"

Paul Brown 5 months
Pelosi will continue to serve her donors and deny the reality that her centrist platform is a pro corporate pro wealthy platform. The only radical thing about the progressive platform is that it actually has the good of the “people” as it’s focus. Grab your pearls corporate trolls. Enjoy the blue wave! It’s new and improved progressive flavor will wash the sour taste of centrism.
I am a Cosmonaut 5 months
Greater good for the people. The ends justify the means as we take away your human rights, cripple the economy and make people dependant on the state while our brave young activists punch you in the face, oh let me correct myself, apply correction for the wrong think. But don't worry, one day we will enter the utopia which is one genocide away, I mean equality for all, right?!
Star Alien 5 months
Lol. A lot going on there...
Luke Robinson 5 months
That's right, continue your in-fighting over unrealistic, utopian ideas. Let the blue wave collapse in on itself.

M.Twain 5 months
Nancy is nothing more than a establishment hack, she spouts liberal ideas while taking money from big corp interests including oil. She needs to leave as well as all the other establishment hacks on both sides, anyone who takes PAC money is not working for the interest of the people.
Daddy Tito 5 months
But AOC is completely PAC controlled..........
M.Twain 5 months
DT, name the PAC's that control her.
Akira Kevin 5 months
How about the "Justice Democrats", M Twain? The soros funded AOC (and the other 2 whackjobs) are puppets for communist ideology

Ywacch 5 months
Cannibalism at its finest 👌🏾

themdg MOD 5 months
Like 5 people, including the candidate who is (right now) likely to get our dem nomination.

Christopher Stone 5 months
AOC and the other leftists make liberals like Pelosi look same by comparison. I am a Conservative but I think its better to have liberals as opposition than leftists.
Justin White 5 months
I don't see liberals (in the classical sense) as being in opposition to conservatism at all. If you are not talking about classical definition and are using the modern definition I'm not sure what the difference between liberal and leftist is
Joshua Green 5 months
I believe the difference is Modern American “Liberals” are inclined towards social safety net policies ( socialism lite) where regressive leftists are straightforward in authoritarian absolutist policies where they firmly believe only they know truth and the correct path and it is their whims. The Leftists are completely in the ends justify the means camp such as the POTUS candidate that said all firearms should be confiscated and if there is resistance that the government has nukes... for example. Where Modern Liberals want to be virtuous the Leftists assume that they are always so and that any dissent, criticism, or slight disagreement equals physical assault and needs to be quelled with whatever force can be mustered, while in large groups in politically friendly areas where their terrorism is excused and ignored.
Joshua Green 5 months
Classical Liberalism is more like Modern Libertarianism where it is a permissive culture that allows free thought and expression. Unfortunately authoritarian minded groups tend to take advantage of this climate to subvert it.

SimonR 5 months
Then get rid of them

Brandon Spears 5 months
wow that back tracking on that comment was amazing, let me give you the short version: Pelosi: progressive people like Alexandria Cortez, theres only about 5 of them. Reporter: theres more than 5 progressives on the democratic party...aren't you supposed to be a progressive? Pelosi: Yep, that's right I am a progressive as well...
Jeffery Wells 5 months
I think she was specifically referring to AOC's version of progressivism, in which case she's right. There was some magazine photo recently of all 5 of them posing together. Not all progressives identify with AOC's particular brand of crazy. That said, it's a biiig stretch for Pelosi to call herself progressive. She's only progressive when she thinks she needs to be, to get votes or sway public opinion or whatever. She doesn't strike me as a 'true believer' like AOC & company.
Brandon Spears 5 months
@Jeffrey Wells you are correct, she only is progressive when it suits her to sway votes, shes not an actual progressive, she doesn't need to be specifically like AOC, but she doesn't even come close to at the very least a light Bernie Sanders. She wants to hold on to the label of being progressive while doing the work of her donors and sometimes for the people (as long as her donors are ok with it)

Andre Gerard 5 months
The problem Pelosi has is the same that every Progressive has. Someone will turn up and out-progressive you!

Andrew 1010 5 months
More like fucking 50.

Perry McCorkle 5 months
Pelosi's last day in congress can't come soon enough

Little grim reaper 5 months
the no true Scotsman fallacy is strong with this one

oneski io 5 months
AOC! “This means war, cash me outside, how about that” !

Petri Fide 5 months
Those are 5 super squeaky wheels

drakethesnake 5 months
Pelosi is talking about the 5 people in her base?

Evolved Ape 5 months
All of a sudden I’m starting to like Pelosi more and more.
Turn N Burn 5 months
I almost thought that for second too. Watch the video of her though, she just looks so insane while she saying these things, with her eyes darting around and her mouth constantly licking and sucking her dentures. You get the feeling she has no idea what the hell she's talking about.