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Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Trump’s going to destroy the dying Dem party in 2020.
Virtual Signals 3 months
We can hope. The Dems are a morally corrupt bunch.
Christopher Gonzalez 3 months
Hopefully he does, but campaign funding isn't everything.
Aight Bradley 3 months
One can hope.

R Lewis 3 months
Bored the other day, I clicked on one of those MSN poll things on the Bing website. One of the questions asked 'Which of the following best describes your political leaning - Liberal, Moderate or Conservative?' *CLICK* Results based on 1,417,016 results: Con: 42%, Mod: 40%, Lib: 19%. Unscientific, uncontrolled and unsubstantiated. I kept a screenshot of it. If I were a Liberal, these figures would give me cold sweats. 😀
Bulk Smash!!! 3 months
... but they wont. They aren't guided by reason so much as a dogmatic sense of self-righteous indignation.
william snedker 3 months
Though I lean conservative this is disappointing, liberals are branded far left more than they are and they can have some good ideas, wish it went left liberal moderate conservative and right
MEIJIN44 3 months
There is a lot missing in your spectrum but that is how it goes. It's just the left only believes in the left. Everything else is far right.

Tin Ego 3 months
I thought nobody liked him😂

moteltrivago 3 months
Hillary just shit herself
Aight Bradley 3 months
And that's a new thing? There've been photos of her in stained pantsuits for years now...

Jus Saying 3 months
Who does the dems have to challenge trump... no one. Maybe our good friend M.twain can run against him?
Nathan Charland 3 months
Andrew Yang is my bet. He’s the only democrat I find reasonable enough to have a chance for my vote over trump. Obviously I don’t like all of his policies, but he doesn’t get into the name calling, race arguments, or trump hating and can actually defend his views with facts
Taoist 3 months
Ya, Yang could be a good choice. He's got some well thought out ideas. I expect he'll get pushed aside by the DNC though. Not enough diversity boxes checked.
mike 3 months
@taoist... I hope not. If he gets on the ballot he'll pull tons of left leaning centrists that would have otherwise voted Dem. I predict an easy 2020 win for Trump but it can't hurt to split the vote up a bit on the left.

Cory Pritchard 3 months
How much came from small donors? Did it all come from corporations?
Minnow 3 months
"The Trump campaign said its average donation during the same period was $34.26, and that nearly 99 percent of its donations were $200 or less." -every article posted
Beisht Kione 3 months
Hmmm, so much for all those sources you read...

..... 3 months
Trump 2020

Em ES 3 months
lol right wingers are bragging about how corrupt "their guy" is
mike 3 months
As opposed to all those squeaky clean Dems right?
Experiment Eks 3 months
So raising money is now corruption? Das so funneh!
Thomas Watson 3 months
Raising money is corrupt?

consistency 3 months
can't fix stupid, but you can profit from it
Beisht Kione 3 months
I suppose you could, but you probably havent.

Canadian Jake 3 months
Trump doesn't need any money for 2020. All he has to do is let the left do their thing.

M.Twain 3 months
Trump will pocket the majority of that money.
Big Bang Boi 3 months
Jester 3 months
Twain, back at it again with more lunacy to dispatch.
T Ftw 3 months