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beanie weaine 3 months
8 years of radiation being continuously pumped into the oceans. But hey we are working on it.
Ya Boi PI 3 months
the radiation levels were most likely extremely high, and unsafe for anyone to get near.
beanie weaine 3 months
True but does that justify the dumping of all that dangerous radiation into the ocean. I think the bigger issue here is the 8 years spent with no one taking responsibility to deal with this situation instead of it being dealt with it a timely manner. This is poor management on a global scale and it is poisoning us every single second this issue is left untouched. They are making efforts now but the damage is done. It will be our children and their children who will suffer the consequences.
BlunderingFool 3 months
Worth noting that whilst it’s not the best idea the radiation does het massively diluted when dumped into the ocean. Would be better to put it in a lead lined vault though.

Ste Stones 3 months
The Japanese Olympics are going to be interesting though.
Idiot Prole 3 months
Oh aye yes, them pole jumpers with poles for arms and the craniums so large they break their neck.