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Brandon Spears 7 months
and you can kiss that North Korea peace deal goodbye...

DivineDawn 7 months

consistency 7 months
it's how trump gets his gifts to both of them.

Christopher Stone 7 months
Sounds good but where to have it?

mariah 7 months
single best photo that could have been uses

Joseph Cribari 7 months
it's whatever at this point

eclipseNF 7 months
These guys are probably smarter than the west right now.

..... 7 months
Putin will strike distrust between the chins and the double chins and help give Trump that extra little negociating boost he needs. Everyone scared Trump and Putin homies, but I honestly wish they would. Globalists wouldn't stand a chance!
TakeThePill 7 months
You're my spirit animal.
..... 7 months
I'm here for you G !

(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
We need a new summit for Putin, Trump and Kim. NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

Jester 7 months
The game of Chess continues.

The Inquisitor 7 months
Does anyone trust this? Or am I just paranoid?
Thomas Watson 7 months
I am the same. There's something fishy going on here
Jus Saying 7 months
It's a real game of chess, Russia is just moving a piece.
K B (Midgetelf) 7 months
it's been a while since I read something and said, out loud, "oh, shit"