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Monster Mash 3 months
Death threats are a bit extreme for being a total dick of a human being. Though I don't see why she is shocked? in this day and age people get death threats for wearing a maga hat, posting things on social media or generally pissing off people on the extremes of the political compass. sure have them looked into, if need be, but don't play the victim, when you know what to expect.
Sapper82 3 months
You know as well as I do my friend, that the cult will ALWAYS lie and play the victim. The idiots that fall for it will be the ones who let them in and see 9/11 happening again and again. Stop them now. England stands with you America.
MEIJIN44 3 months
Monster are you aware that the first part rhymes quite well. If so you are a linguist of respectable skill being both entertaining and informative.
christian schmidt 3 months
a Snake is a Snake no matter how it looks.. it will bite you in the end... "Remember the Poem"

SRC t 3 months
her big mouth is the problem not Trump!
Em ES 3 months
some people like to follow orders. liberals like to challenge authority when it's wrong and think for themselves
VaasDC 3 months
you mean liberals like to implement their own authority by silencing others, rather than discussion.
Bones 3 months
Good to know those "good old boy, home town rednecks" in the South who hate the feds are liberals because they hate authority...someone should tell them.

Daddy Tito 3 months
Shut up literally everyone gets death threats. You’re not special and you’re definitely not the victim. The real victims went down in those towers 18 years ago, or lost family and friends in the towers, or were near the towers and now are suffering from health complications from the air.
Zachary Brooks 3 months
Because some people did some things?
Jackie MOD 3 months
literally everyone gets death threats? whatever helps you sleep at night after reading your death threats.

Ya Boi PI 3 months
no shit. when you down play one of the worst events in US history, you deserve to be made fun of and receive death threats.
Em ES 3 months
she didn't downplay it whatsoever. In fact she supports giving relief to first responders while republicans are against it
VaasDC 3 months
how wass her comment not downplaying , do explain your excuse for the comment she made.
Em ES 3 months
how was it not downplaying? because of the meaning of the words she said on the other hand Donald Trump bragged about his building being the tallest on 9/11/2001

Christopher Petersen 3 months
Omar and AOC just need to shut the fuck up. Their mouths are their own worst enemy.

Christopher Stone 3 months
Death threats are just a "thing that happened" so its no big deal. Seriously though what is it with the left and aspiring to be a victim?
ffcSquall 3 months
It's all they know at this point.

Nicholas Noel 3 months
Attacks on Trump has risen through the past 5 years, you're nothing special Omar.

Lucifer Neverchanges 3 months
Bitch I watch Youtubers that get death threats weekly, you are not special just because you get one mean letter that I doubt says more than "F you" or "Go back to Syria" or some shit like that. But I will grant that there could be some death threats given there are a lot of people in America let alone the world.

Garafraxis 3 months
Never trust a Mucking Fuslim. Their religion urges them to lie to Infidels. It is called Taqqiya. Look it up.
Joaly nocontroly 3 months
Yes I agree.. and in the sacred Talmud it encourages all Jews to use trickery and subterfuge to exploit all sub-human non-Jews. It also encourages them to beat and kill Goyim at will as punishment for any resistance. Look that up too everyone.. It’s easy to find. All religious fundamentalists are dangerously regressive, even Atheist fundamentalists.
MEIJIN44 3 months
I don't think atheists have fundamentalist. I mean a person can have zero regard for life in general but that isn't exclusive to atheism. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Maybe if a group believes believing in a god is a mental illness and they should kill the mentally ill. But that isn't really exclusive to the religious. That would be every mentally ill person. I mean a person could have no regard for anyone else's life and killing people wantonly but that isn't exactly atheism either. That is being psycho and a serial killer. I just don't know anyone who cares enough about atheism enough to make a movement. You can probably make a movement about being secular and skeptic but I doubt that will lead you down a path that would be exclusive to religions instead of ideology.

yakov new 3 months
How does she know that the increase isn't from her brainless statement " ...some people did something...", How can she possibly credit it to Trump??

Don Grantham 3 months
Well, it seems that some people might do something.
Em ES 3 months
that's right.. white nationalist right wingers committed every act of terrorism in the US last year it's a big problem. the right wing has no ideas to offer their constituents since they're completely sold out to their big money donors so they just try and scare people with xenophobia and racism Bernie Sanders talks about policy. Trump talks about culture war BS
VaasDC 3 months
I unno im pretty sure the Orlando incident wasnt a white nationalist.
Em ES 3 months
the Orlando night club shooting was 2016 the MAGA bomber in/from Florida was last year

Garrett Joel 3 months
Do these fucking people not get how the internet works? Find me a public figure that hasn't received death threats online.... there's literally not one. This is such a lazy and over used excuse to divert attention away from her comments in an attempt to look like a victim. Sorry missy, that shit doesn't work anymore.

Joaly nocontroly 3 months
Why is this terrorist in a leadership position? I’d bet she’d feel joy in her heart if/when another major terror attack happens in the US.

Mitchell 3 months
I think death threats may have surged in response to her opinions on 9/11 gaining more media attention. If she were smart she would step up and address it in a dignified and professional way but is instead whining about it. Politicians get death threats. This is not news.

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Are some people telling Ilhan Omar they're going to do something?

Aaron W 3 months
Ilhan, maybe it was your own rhetoric.

Notsurewewillsee 3 months
I’m sure Trump gets more death threats than she does, to my knowledge he isn’t whining about it. With that said it is a coward move to send anyone regardless of their political standings a death threat.

Eric Fossum 3 months
I would hope then that she would be reporting each and every one to the DOJ so they can investigate. If he hasn’t I have a feeling she’s being hyperbolic.

david dindu 3 months
"some people said something to me"

space ghost 3 months
I assume it has nothing to do with her comments and only to do with Trump. What a bad feminist giving the man all the credit.