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Andrew 1010 5 months
Good throw the book.

Little Scar 5 months
Why are "black churches" even a thing? That sounds racially discriminatory. Not detracting from what the man may have done. I'd be willing to bit he has ties to some satanic cult.
Miles O'Brien 5 months
The satanic cult his deputy sheriff father didn't know about?
Little Scar 5 months
Kids keep stuff from their parents all the time.
M.Twain 5 months
Why are black churches even a thing? You see back in the begging of the US we had this thing called slavery, that was followed by a highly segregated country, do I need to explain more.

Tetranome 5 months Dude looks like the IRL version of Fatty Dong Dong from that Dethklok cartoon.

Martin Lamontagne 5 months
If Notre Dame was lit by religious hatred: will we add hate crime to the charges? I doubt it.
Tetranome 5 months
Hey hey hey... The MSM has already set the narratives, you better stop your free thinking or you may be accused of hate speech... 😠
Lowlife 5 months
Well the Notre Dame cathedral is in France, so hate crime charges are probably automatically added to every crime
Jackie MOD 5 months
If that turns out to be the case why not? But as far as I'm aware that wasn't arson was it?

ProbablyFailing 5 months
Clearly, he hates churches or black people, or both. Throw the book at him.
Collin Thomas 5 months
because he hator because he committed the crime? it's not a crime to hate someone and no one should get extra punishment for their emotions Orwell😑, just charge him for what he did, hate crime legislation is bullshit. is. that black pos in Minnesota gonna get a hate crime for chucking that white little kid off a three story balcony? nah? remind me. again why I should care about someone hating blacks? lol I used to, not anymore, and not ever again until blacks start taking care of the massive amounts of them who hate white ppl, only difference is racial from flows drastically in one direction, and that's black on everyone else. gtfo of here with that "throw the book at him cuz he hates bwacks" grow up and administer justice based on action, not thought.
As Told By Anakin Skywalker 5 months
throw a live grenade at him instead.
ProbablyFailing 5 months
Collin, chill the fuck out. The guy burnt down a bunch of buildings. I dont give a flying fuck what motivated it, he was caught and turned in, and deserves the full weight of the law accordingly. Ironically, I agree with your overall position regarding hate crime legislation. A crime is the same crime no matter who is the victim. My comment was quite abbreviated, and factual. This guy did have it out for churches, black people, or both, considering his actions. You inferred direct meaning from something I did not directly say, but I can understand why given the brevity of the statements and the political climate. Misquoting to make a point however is hardly productive.

Blaeingr 5 months
Hmmm... supposedly he watched was a fan of a movie about white people burning white churches... could he just hate churches 🤔

beanie weaine 5 months
Something’s still fishy about this story