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Test Steam 3 months
Is this the same PM that got Lauren Southern and Stephen M's free speech talks cancelled?

RebornZA 3 months
Honk honk

Jester 3 months
Cancels free speech and takes guns away from law abiding citizens, we’re truly in the midst of it now🤡🌏

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
When you submit yourself/your country so hard to Islam and curtail the right of free speech and self-preservation like promoted by a mass shooter, your brainwashed citizens make your approval rise! 🤡🌍
Miles O'Brien 3 months
Curtail free speech? How was that accomplished? Really Cramps, take your meds. You can't preserve yourself without semi-automatic assault weapons?

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 3 months
Brainwashed idiots.

Just An Opinion 3 months
Next they'll be voting to become the Republic of New Canada

Andrew 1010 3 months
...Uh fuck I can't believe you've done this.

Danny Mcgrath 3 months
Just goes to show how asleep New Zealanders are. This is a 3rd-wave feminist who wears a hijab and was raised to power by her globalist freemason father and the dim-witted citizens of that lost nation still think she's the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Utterly laughable.

Hannibal 3 months
Never let a crisis go to waste? Even if it was the failure of her own security services...

Maesterfully 3 months
She looks like someone who got picked on a lot at school and now she's taking it out on the country

Hugo Stiglitz 3 months
can I give you a hug? embarrassingly emotional conduct from the leader of a nation, an impulsive leftist zealot.

Danny 3 months
Oil drilling bans, plastic bags bans, guns, loan sharking, tree debris milling, 100% property sales profit, charter schools, independent polytechnics, social media and hate speech (not fully implemented yet), choice of measles vaccination (talked about), increased ban on no Minimum wage. Fuck labor.

Miles O'Brien 3 months
BTW, New Zealand is NOT subject to the US constitution. You don't live there. You probably have no knowledge of New Zealand at all. Blah, blah, whine whine. They're different, let's hate them too.