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Russ Kurtell 6 months
But I thought the radical protectionism was going to destroy the global economy??
harbringer F 6 months
Only if your not from Europe.
ExElEmEnt 6 months
nothing he did helped "EU governments agreed the bloc would not conclude negotiations until Washington removed tariffs it has applied to EU steel and aluminum and would suspend negotiations if the Trump administration imposed new tariffs, such as on cars." you do know that Americans pay for the tarrifs right?
Aaron 6 months
Yeah EM if you buy European junk most Americans don’t outside the coastal cities.

Havoc44 6 months
why does the cow look like he's seen this all before?
Hannibal 6 months
I was thinking the same.
No Signal 6 months
Janitor Jez Snake & Gator 6 months
He must be a transgender cow. I wonder what stall he uses.

TheBornOfFire 6 months
Sargon for captain of the EU!!, Dank for side kick!

Aaron 6 months
France demanding climate change accords without giving in with agriculture sounds like Trump is going to tell those hairy French people to shove it.

Lucifer Neverchanges 6 months
and we win again.

Nick Record 6 months
The market is the best economic model and will take care of all of us through climate disruption.....