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Twofoldness 3 months
Always impressed with the ceaseless formidability of this doomsday cult.

Eric Fossum 3 months
Protesting climate change by forcing a bunch of people to sit in idling cars to watch your protest? Ok then!

Jake Middleton 3 months
Get a job

Aight Bradley 3 months
Blocking roads is unacceptable. Protesting is fine, but trapping other people is not.
Colin M. 3 months
The whole point of a protest to to inconvenience people and force your message to be heard. Are you suggesting people protest out of sight so no1 is inconvenienced? Thats not a protest, thats a party... Please read up on the point of a protest and the history of any movement that uses them. How many rights were earned by not bothering anyone?
Danny 3 months
@Colin The message is lost when you piss people off

Unity.Nat 3 months
Climate Change of the Brexit. The British have enough to worry about, yet to protest the Climate during these times is ridiculous.

Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
They are impressively good and lying to their citizens in Europe I've noticed. They will ban any actual discussion or scientific research if it does not help them achieve their goals. Pretty astonishing that not a single UK citizen seems to have a brain to think for themselves. This topic really shouldn't even be controversial as the evidence has always been against anthropologic factors as a major cause of climate change.

2016 Honda CRV 3 months
By blocking the roads, the cars are idling and burning more fossil fuels

Andrew 1010 3 months
I want UK BREXIT supporter protests damnit!
Talon One 3 months
there are. but the media chooses to ignore them
Free Speech 3 months
take a look at recent brexit polls.
Andrew 1010 3 months
@Free Speech... SHIT!!!

Danny 3 months
Go home and actually do what you can about it.

Talon One 3 months
Note that the german version of these - Fridays for Future - are at least in part organized by hard left organizations.

Andrew 1010 3 months
...Pfft Pricks. Hey uneducated cunts at least use the sidewalk!

Hannibal 3 months
Their iphones are made by slaves; the minerals to make their electric cars come from strip mines; the toilet paper they use to wipe their butts is made from trees and bleached with chemicals. Idiots.

Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
Climate change protestors are going to cause an ecological disaster in future. they aren't outsiders they have the bureaucracy appeasing them

Monster Mash 3 months
but the real question is do they have any actual alternatives? because I don't think metal straws and bamboo toothbrushes are going to cut it. It is all fear mongering and look at me theatrics, But as someone mentions nucular as an alternative power source they go fucking nuts.