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........ 1 weeks
Fuck Goldman Sachs. Burn their Banks and hang their bankers!
Observer 1 weeks

Havoc44 1 weeks
what marijuana sales are down? why does that make me feel like I failed? we're going to have to fix this one boys, get your lighters out.

IDWFTW 1 weeks
“Wow, I thought employees at Goldman Sachs would earn more than 90k in a year since—OMFG THATS PER QUARTER!?!??”

Bennington 6 days
Good. Hope the higher ups get hit by bus also

QuestionableEthics 1 weeks
Don’t worry, they’ll find a new way to take it out of our pockets eventually. They have only time and profit generating agendas...

pr public 1 weeks
good globalists are suffering keep it going.

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Good Fuck Off.