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F1ackm0nk3y 3 months
@AoC just wants a brown person to win the presidency. Some might call that racist while others would say that is the current “progressive” agenda
Sarah 3 months
She literally in that same statement said she supported Bernie and Warran... I don't know if you know this but they're both white and she's concerned about policy not race. And yes you are being racist maybe don't do that.
Andrew 1010 3 months
That and let's encourage punching Nazis! which I'm pretty freaking sure is just gonna be a bunch of violence against MAGA hats because... they all label them Nazis, and white supremacists when they aren't AT ALL! And you shouldn't commit violence against anyone unless for self defense!

No Signal 3 months
"Not animated" says the cartoon!

moteltrivago 3 months
“He doesn’t remind me of Stalin enough. I’m gonna have to go with a firm no.”

Eric Fossum 3 months
Forward to socialism!

Zachary Brooks 3 months
Sounds like an endorsement for Biden

Aight Bradley 3 months
I don't support Creepy Joe at all, but I'd support him over Crazy Cortez...

bern2020 3 months
shes smart and firm on the things she ran on to dethrone an incumbent.
Hannibal 3 months
I'd say "smart" is a bit of a stretch...

O'Brien 3 months
Someone's going to miss out on some hair-sniffing...

mike 3 months
Doesn't animate you? Really? Pretty sure I've seen those eyes in every yandere anime I've ever seen tho...

Havoc44 3 months
the queen of the party has spoken. creepy Uncle Joe won't be running for president this year😂

Mister Manager 3 months
This is what the left eating itself looks liiiike...this is what losing the 2020 election, looks liiiike...

Dustin Pruitt 3 months
She will never be satisfied

david dindu 3 months
if only he promised reparations and gave good comments (no vote needed) on the green new deal

Jackie MOD 3 months
everyone under 50 agrees with her, at least on this

Andrew 1010 3 months
Your brain shouldn't animate you... Socialist New York suffocating dumbass.

Virtual Signals 3 months
He will apologise to her for not animating her due to his white privilege.

Oliver Biscuit 3 months
I hope next election she vanishes into the bar from whence she came because the very sight of her makes my penis soft.

SRC t 3 months
all the DemocRATS candidate suck. they are looking washed up!