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Aight Bradley 3 months
Vaccinate your kids, people.

Steven Arkin 3 months
These people just want to reduce the the overpopulation problem. Would be an honorable goal ..... except for the whole part where they are murdering children .....

Experiment Eks 3 months
No thanks to the super mommies and daddies who think avoiding ALL vaccines is a good idea.

Randy Rand 3 months
More fear porn to sell vaccines and dumb down the population.
Colin M. 3 months
You dispute the facts that preventable disease is on the ride directly due to the increase in anti-vaxers?
Randy Rand 3 months
Yes I do, as a matter of fact there is a good possibility that the vaccinated are the ones causing the outbreaks. It’s always good to dig deep on both sides of the debate before jumping on the bandwagon bud.
Colin M. 3 months
Please provide ANY documentation supporting the statement that preventable disease is on the rise DUE to vaccinations. I can find insane amounts of info to refute your stance... I'm having a seriously hard time finding ANY info that backs your statement up...

Raymond M Hein Jr 3 months
Fear propaganda to increase sales
Colin M. 3 months
You dispute the facts that preventable disease is on the rise directly due to the increase in anti-vaxers?
Raymond M Hein Jr 2 months
still propaganda

Thomas Watson 3 months
And people still not vaccinate because vAcCiNeS cAuSe AuTiSm

dominoeffect 3 months
wow they are pushing the poison hard these days
Colin M. 3 months
You dispute the facts that preventable disease is on the rise directly due to the increase in anti-vaxers?
LeweyDewey 3 months
Colin, I do. Did you hear the story of the naval ship that is staying out to sea longer due to a "mumps-like" disease? Parotitis is a symptom, inflammation, just fyi.
LeweyDewey 3 months
Just to clarify, the military has a 100% vaccination rate. Why are vaccines not as effective as propaganda espouses?

Julian 3 months
I like how no one mentions how outbreaks are commonly caused by immigrants and illegals
Evan S 3 months
Probably because it's not true. Most outbreaks are linked to people travelling and coming back from Ukraine, the Phillipines and Israel. Unvaccinated Orthodox Jews have experienced the highest rate in the US of contracting measles. Measles is not common in South and Central America; Europe, Asia and Africa currently experience it the most commonly, which although I'm sure there are undocumented immigrants in these categories, are not the ones you're interested in.

LeweyDewey 3 months
I'm not a doctor, but IF you contract the measles: take copious amounts of vitamin A and call me in the morning.

Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
vaccinated people contain the virus and shed it to the unvaccinated. it's an exact science unlike the pseudoscience of herd immunity
Jester 3 months
Do you have any substantiation for this claim?

stephanie allen 3 months
maybe this unvetting of people pouring into country's might have something to do with the rise of the diseases?
Evan S 3 months
Most commonly associated with unvaccinated Orthodox Jews travelling to Ukraine and Israel and coming back. Source: CDC.