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Eric Fossum 1 weeks
Elizabeth Warren “I will shatter the US economy on day one!”
drakethesnake 1 weeks
Don't be rediculious there is still the part of the US economy that kills poor people on the other side of the planet.
MEIJIN44 1 weeks
Well if we are being fair we gave them money they just blew it on guns to attack us with it. I mean they could have turned their third world hellhole into a developed or first world country. If they want to keep it a hell hole and other countries want protection from them well fuck'em.
Ben B. 1 weeks
Don't forget the US company that kills people on all income levels on this side of the globe, Unplanned Parenthood

Roadhog 1 weeks
Nobody wants you.

CakeSorcerer 1 weeks

Jester 1 weeks
Pocahontas is desperate for approval; The lunacy in Clown World continues!
Daddy Tito 1 weeks
Rawwhide 1 weeks

paddy 1 weeks
"what's that you said about becoming a net exporter of oil? yeah naw fuck that we have to pump those USD out of the country"

Jake Middleton 1 weeks
Elizabeth Warren says she will increase U.S dependence on foreign oil on day one, end thousands of jobs on day one, take a large chunk out of the economy on day ONE!

(Arcamean) 1 weeks
Then feel free to not run I say.

Notsurewewillsee 1 weeks
A talking point to get elected but will never happen. If Democrats think only republicans get money from big oil you would be very wrong. Both sides like the dollar bills they get and they don’t care what their party’s platform says.

Christopher Petersen 1 weeks
I see she's living up to her Indian name..."Panders For Votes"
Alan page (Zithyak) 1 weeks
Paul Hunt 1 weeks
You have made my day best comment I’ve read on hear in ages

David Giarratana 1 weeks
And I will make fairy dust illegal when I finally become ruler of La La Land and enter the Gumdrop Palace.

SimonR 1 weeks
No jobs rabbit Warren.

Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
good thing she will never be president

Nicholas Noel 1 weeks
I will make sure people lose jobs day 1 of my Presidency!

Don Grantham 1 weeks
Day 1 of her presidency will be November 31. Or the 12th of Never ... whichever comes first.

Property 1 weeks
real translation "I'd start forcing unemployment"

DivineDawn 1 weeks
it's a noble goal but I just don't see it the women's a little bit batty
Paris Cloud 1 weeks
Why is ending of shore drilling a noble goal?

Minnow 1 weeks
If I'm voting Democrat it's for Yang. At least he has semi-coherent arguments not entirely based on emotional drivel. That said. I'm not voting Democrat.

Mall Security X (Eli-Ginger) 1 weeks
I figured she would do a rain dance on her first day. Guess I was wrong.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
I'd play some PS4 on my first day as president, feel free to post below your fantasy first day in the presidency like Big Chief Pocahontas.
Minnow 1 weeks
I'd drink a beer and roller skate, you know like us kids.

Christopher Gonzalez 1 weeks
Is she a serious candidate? They couldn't find anyone else?