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Big Bang Boi 1 weeks
Why is this news? It’s literally just his comment. Fire up the presses! Trump said fire is terrible!!!
Thomas Watson 1 weeks
Breaking News: Trump is pyrophobic!!!
Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
if Trump belched it would be a headline story
ethan cumby 1 weeks
Breaking news, fire is good?

Janitor Jez 138 million 1 weeks
"Notre Dame is a cathedral surrounded by flames. Big flames. Fire flames."
Tetranome 1 weeks
Is that supposed to be an actual quote? Because it's not... Unless your confused on how that specific punctuation is applied and I am off base then I would say your trying to be funny. It however falls a bit flat considering it is a fabricated statement. I don't understand you lefty wannabe comedians sometimes, with the wealth of satire that is Donald Trump this is the type of commentary you offer? Maybe you guys just aren't that funny. 🤔 I wish Stuart would've never retired... 😢
Janitor Jez 138 million 1 weeks
It woz just a joke, guv. Don't get your knickers in a twist. 😁
Tetranome 1 weeks
@Jez A joke consists of humor... That "joke" was not framed, it had no context (other than inferred from source), and truthfully had zero substance. It were as though you are a small child with their first knock knock failure desperately trying to get out the punchline... Or a bullshit artist trying to pander... Either way with the wealth of material "Trumpy" has given you this was a decidedly weak attempt. 😐👎

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Fire bad, very bad.
Janitor Jez 138 million 5 days
If only they had remembered to rake the attic ...

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Fortunately if you'd like to call it that it didn't burn all the way to the ground.