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Just An Opinion 3 months
Another one bites the dust
Patrick Henry 3 months
... and another one down, and another one down, Another one bites the dust! boom boom boom, Another one bites the dust! ;-)

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months
Can't wait for Ilhan Ohmars codemnation of this. Sorry Ohmar. Our people did something.

Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
Why is US airstriking Somalia ? S-hole country or not , it's not one the US has declared war with.
Milios 3 months
That is why they did not strike Somalia and only killed 1 dangerous person
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
Technically America doesn’t need a declaration of war to attack a terrorist entity.
Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
That's a violation of the War Powers Act.

Raymond M Hein Jr 3 months
Yes cause killing people is cause for celebration
Beisht Kione 3 months
It certainly can be.
Monster Mash 3 months
it is when that person would want to kill billions of non Muslims.
Caio A 3 months
it's never good to kill someone

Kenguru Safari 3 months
not sure if this means much... I have my doubts any difference is made.
Tristan Phoenix 3 months
I’m sure it makes little difference., if not make it worse, one falls another one that is even more radicalized from that assassination takes power. Just looks at every other country we attacked. Libya has open slave markets. Plus. CIA funds one set of terrorists and pentagon funds another, and those two terrorist groups kill each other too. Yay for what Hillary Clinton called “business opportunities.”

Experiment Eks 3 months
No wonder Ilhan Omar's been pissed lately.
Tristan Phoenix 3 months
For racist remarks about her? And death threats. What’s been happening to her has been happening for over a month. This just happened.

Andrew 1010 3 months
Nuclear Jellyfish 3 months
because Trump lied when he said "Americanism not Globalism will be our credo"
Max 3 months
They've been in Somali since 2007 fighting terrorist groups with the authorization of the Somalian Government. This is nothing new.
Robert Talbot 3 months
If you think ISIS isn’t a threat, you may need to research Geopolitics and Terrorism.

Havoc44 3 months
Omar: A great man died today😢 Allah for give this terrible nation😡
Just An Opinion 3 months
I don't wanna be that guy, but.... Source? The thing is, while you say it sarcastically, it's believable that she would actually hold such a sentiment.

david dindu 3 months
no 3 just got promoted

Joseph Cribari 3 months
good news for once

AY-MO mk2 3 months
Get in! Well done