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Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks

mike 1 weeks
Ever been with a group of people having a heated argument, raising voices, and calling names when a random person none of you walks toward you and asks you to please quiet down? Then everyone just stops for a second, looks at him like he's a moron, and continues yelling at each other? That.

Minnow 1 weeks
I'm gonna predict Ben Shapiro's supporting this guy

moteltrivago 1 weeks
“Weak William”
R Lewis 1 weeks
After extensive research (10 minutes on Wikipedia), my guess is 'Borderless Bill'
R Lewis 1 weeks
'Cracked Weld'?

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
Who dis?

No Signal 1 weeks
Ha! Nice knowing you

Roadhog 1 weeks
Remember when Bill "vouching for Mrs. Clinton" Weld was a Libertarian? Me either.

Zachary Brooks 1 weeks
Didn’t he support Hillary in 2016?