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Kramo 1 weeks
Good man!
MacrossMX 1 weeks
Meanwhile you got their rich American counterparts hogging all the wealth leaving places like Flint, Michigan without clean water, or letting Alabama rot in the same level as Eritrea. Looks like Rich Europeans at least have the compassion to use their enormous wealth to do some good for their community and their country.
Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Raze it to the ground! Put up a prison for pedophile priests!
Kramo 1 weeks
Miles, there are more rapist pedophile atheists than Catholics.

Ste Stones 1 weeks
It’s amazing what you can buy if you don’t pay taxes
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Hannibal 1 weeks
Source or go back to your corner.
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Yeah, You got any evidence to that? I hate how people perpetuate an archaic disdain for the elite. There isn’t proof that this man has done anything wrong.

Chris Austin 1 weeks
What? Government isn't the only source of fixing problems? Good for these people.
Star Alien 1 weeks
Billionaires are the feudal lords of our age and you are their npc peasant.
Michael Onstad 1 weeks
The government is the source of nothing.
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
It's so cute that Star is trying to co-opt a meme. The left cant meme

Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
rebuild and it won't be the same. We can all walk around pretending it is.... but it isn't
Sir Dragon 1 weeks
so what ? Do just want to leave a ruin standing there ? of course it won't be the same but at least it'll be rebuilt so it doesn't have to look as ugly
K1ngConnor 1 weeks
Go to japan and thousands of temples have signs saying that they were destroyed by fire and rebuilt multiple times. It’s not that bad to rebuild something. Especially such an iconic building, it’ll be rebuilt exactly how it was before the fire
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Exactly. Who's to say they don't rebuild it to look the same using modern materials and building standards so that it's more resilient against arson.

1 weeks
Way to go! But I bet it's only chump change for him. I didn't know that Salma Hayek was such a gold digger...
hekainu 1 weeks
Jesus, why turn everything into negativity?
Gus Lone 1 weeks
Those are the words of envy
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
He only wishes his wife looked 1/8th as good.

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
That's already a very good load of money in just 24 hours.

The Gas Mask Man 1 weeks
so that's about 380 million in donations so far

Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
Your money can't save you here. history is being erased.
Big Bang Boi 1 weeks
Its all ready been rebuilt in many areas. Stop dooming and try to be positive, maybe? History is not destroyed, only the wooden structure of Notre Dame is. History has already been made and can not be destroyed.

Eric Ferket 1 weeks
what does Salma Hayek have to do with the story? I don't understand why she's being mentioned when she's not the person donating the money.
Little Scar 1 weeks
Because vagina.
Hannibal 1 weeks
Because that's how Americans and others would know him.
Daddy Tito 1 weeks
Probably what Hannibal said but I still don’t know who Selma Hayek is

Mitchell 1 weeks
We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

Janitor Jez 138 million 1 weeks
They should flatten the site and erect a statue of Melania.
Bart De Bock 1 weeks

Raymond M Hein Jr 1 weeks

TheBornOfFire 1 weeks
yass Mr Modo is getting a new house :-)

Rational ific 1 weeks
Wow! Great man. Just because you are a billionaire doesn't mean they you will give anything back.

Freddie Racc 1 weeks
Still sad but at least a new building will be built.I’d rather it be built as it was but idk if the plans are still around for the original.
Bart De Bock 1 weeks
the building isnt burned to the ground, its basically the wooden roof burned down, the tower, and an archway that collapsed as the tower fell on it

Little Scar 1 weeks
Can't buy your way into the Kingdom of God, bud. Sorry to be the one to inform you.
Mike Oliver 1 weeks
True, but charity is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. 🕊️
Jay Walsh 1 weeks
Being a dick doesn't do well either.
themdg MOD 1 weeks
We don't know that guy's heart. I'm ok giving him the benefit of the doubt if charity is the outcome. The rest is up to him and God.

Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth 1 weeks
He should spend his money feeding the poor and homeless. build a hospital for the elderly and infirmed. I'm not impressed with his donation to the church. Big deal

Mike Oliver 1 weeks
Thank you.

Joe Knowles 1 weeks
What a waste of money. Knock down what's left of that monument of child rape, and misogyny, and build affordable housing.

themdg MOD 1 weeks
Is the Holy See low on funds or something? I supposed this guy is just making a statement.