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Texas man offered $200 to beat reckless driver

Texas man offered $200 to beat reckless driver

After a transgender woman reversed straight into someone else’s vehicle, the owner of the damaged vehicle drew a gun on the driver and demanded monetary retribution for the damage. According to police, a crowd gathered around the scene. Someone in that crowd paid the damaged car owner $200 to beat up the driver, who suffered a broken wrist as a result.

Samuel Pearson
Samuel Pearson
beanie weaine
beanie weaine 1 year

Why isn’t he white? Black people don’t hurt black people only white people hurt black people. Does not compute, information overload, shut it down shut it down!!!

Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 1 year

I don't like to play the race card, but let's just be honest and let's just be real. We all know this will not get anywhere near the close coverage of white guys with maga hats beating a transgender linking it to Trump vs black people beating a transgender. Wheres my proof some might say? Well look no further than the Catholic church kids where all they did was smile at a native American and the story went front page news for days across all the left mainstream media, but now, look how CBS news and Buzzfeed ( I googled it to see if other left news media was talking about it) are the only left wing news sources talking reporting it.

Mr Goodwell
Mr Goodwell 1 year

Literally everyone involved in this is horrible.

WWG1WGA 1 year

This happens everyday in the hood but it's a tranny let's make it news.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year


Drumline Media
Drumline Media 1 year

I heard about this at work and couldn't believe it. A) what a bizarre story, and B) why the hell am I hearing about it all the way in Chicago? If the victim weren't trans, which for the record I don't really have a problem with, but in any other scenario, would I all the way up here be hearing about someone paying someone to beat someone up? Hell, that was High School!

Korvin Carry
Korvin Carry 1 year

"has called for the assailants homes to be destroyed?" just for saying that ill pay the man 400 to beat your stupid ass.

Eric Shun
Eric Shun 1 year

Florida man: finally a worthy opponent

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

I bet you he won't get charged for a hate crime. I wonder why??? /s

Dave 1 year

"Yo I'll give you $200 if you go punch that drag queen"

harbringer F
harbringer F 1 year

It is unnecessary and morally bankrupt to cheer this on. Crime is crime and needs to be punished. Do I like the media bias no, but this plays into the narrative too. We should all be condemning the beating from a simple law and order stand point.

NPC #9273635
NPC #9273635 1 year

OMG This Edward Thomas feller is obviously a White Supremacist #REEEEEEEEEE #OrangeManBad #Desmond2020

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 1 year

So what you're saying is: ratchet people be ratchet.

Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth
Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth 1 year

He just wanted to see what was under the hood! Sicko.

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

Black man beats another black man in broad daylight for $200, I had no idea WorldStarHipHop was news now!

Aidan Cael
Aidan Cael 1 year

So black people..being black to black people is an issue? I sure the fuck don’t hear one word from LGBT or black lives matter, the minute a black person is shot and killed in Chicago, I meane it’s an epidemic! But the minute some tranny clips a car and triggers a nigger moment, suddenly we need to kill people and burn houses down? I mean really? Who the fuck is shocked? No one, but since he's a she we won't hear the fucking end of it!

Paul M
Paul M 1 year

Hmmm. With driving skills like that, maybe he genuinely has turned into a woman?

Eva Blue
Eva Blue 1 year

This story is horrible. Shouldn't have happened, but all I'm saying is if some dumbass backed into my car I'd want to beat their ass too. I wouldn't do, but damn this kind of stuff happens every day.

PC Principle
PC Principle 1 year

There's footage of big foot that is clearer than this, what on earth was it supposedly filmed with

Prometheus 1 year

This is not newsworthy. Road rage happens every day in every part of the country.

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