Pet deer kills man in Australia in rare attack

Pet deer kills man in Australia in rare attack

A man was killed and his wife critically injured on Wednesday when they were attacked by their pet deer on a rural Australian property. The 46-year-old man entered the stag’s enclosure in the morning at Moyhu in Victoria state and was attacked by the deer. His wife entered the enclosure to assist her husband and she was also attacked. Police shot the deer before a paramedic treated the couple.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 year

A hybrid of cassowary and deer would be a perfect pet, I would even say, a killer combination.

yuckycrumpet 1 year

Deers now ranked #3658 on Australia's list of deadly animals.

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 1 year

Ban semiautomatic deer

Brandon G
Brandon G 1 year

Now see this wouldn't have happened if Australia had not outlawed guns. #GunsDontKillPeopleDeerDo

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Now I know when I go hunting, I am saving lives too.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 1 year

Oh dear! Those antler doe.

Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 1 year

its the Emu War all over again

Jason 1 year

Was the deer Muslim?

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

You'd think it be a Kangaroo. Well now we know to point the barrel at Bambi if she rebels.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 1 year

Hurry up and download this deer's manifesto before it's banned.

RedShipley 1 year

We must ban assault deers

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

I have always been intrigued by people who love animals so much that they are keen to possess them and lock them up in cages. Shout out to all those parents who bought their kids clown fish after watching Finding Nemo.

Maesterfully 1 year

Dear deer

Kramo 1 year

Aussies loose to Deers and Emus.

DarkGrey Wolf
DarkGrey Wolf 1 year

Speaking of deers, what happened to the zombie deers now?

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