Naval Academy to ban transgender students beginning in 2020

Naval Academy to ban transgender students beginning in 2020

The academies that educate officers for the nation’s armed forces have begun to implement the Trump administration’s ban on transgender service members. The US Naval Academy will ban people who are transgender from attending the school, beginning with the 2020 school year. The school in Annapolis, Maryland, currently accepts transgender students.

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 1 year

Another fine case of the left shooting themselves in the foot. They campaign for the removal of firearms from the hands of "high risk" people. Well, preventing a group of people with a higher average suicide rate than death camp inmates from accessing military grade weaponry sounds like a good start. Continue to eat your own progressive left.

Planned Obsoylescence
Planned Obsoylescence 1 year

Good. I'm not allowed in the military due to partial colour-blindness. A friend of mine is also not allowed in the military because he has diabetes. So why the fuck should these mentally ill creeps be allowed in the military?

1984patrol 1 year

the military is NOT an equal opportunity employer.

Aaron W
Aaron W 1 year

Outrageous, thats discrimination. We must cater our entire society, to the fraction of a percent of the population with a delusion disorder because it is current year. How are we ever going to defeat the Nazis.

Experiment Eks
Experiment Eks 1 year

Why is this even a debate?

clarinetking 1 year

Well 40% wouldn’t have graduated anyway...

Julian 1 year


Milkshake 1 year

When you have no need for full mobilization and instead only require an armed force which is limited in quantity with a focus on quality, that is to say when you need a small armed force of the highest quality training and individuals you can focus on who will then be ALL qualified to themselves act as officers for the general public in terms of mobilization (IE each and every professional soldier being able to train civilians during circumstances that demand it), then you not only have an opportunity to be picky but also a demand to be as stringent as possible with regards to qualifications. When the human resources are beyond the threshold and an upper limit for the armed forces population is set (pay heed that less forces means less taxes being wasted or more taxes from the same pool being offloaded per-individual for higher quality training and equipment), it's only rational to cut away fat, and if there's still fat that needs cutting after the initial wave then you add even more stringent demands until you finally have a force of pitch-perfect human resources. This feeds into the eczema exclusion for example as well as Diabetes and other characteristics as was mentioned down bellow in past posts. Trans people come with their own massive issues. Their condition is still being researched, still being analyzed, still being resolved by medicine and psychology, we are still decades away from defining Trans people as a stable collective and merely have half-measures for their condition and half-arsed methods of accommodating them, with even current operation methods not resolving the problem that pre-op and post-op suicide rates are pretty much the same (ergo still not a resolved issue). Forcing it is not only bad for the army, it's also bad for trans people themselves and the political jerking gets in the way of medicine and science establishing a clear image on trans people and methods to stabilize their collective. It's simply not the time yet.

Vetle Tollaksen
Vetle Tollaksen 1 year

it might be perceived as being harsh, but my God how good that this is being recognized as a disease

NPC #9273635
NPC #9273635 1 year

Trans Gender Men are too Manly for the military anyway. #RealMan #RealWomen #RealTransgenderGenderFluidAsexualPeterPanPeople

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

It sounds bad, until you realize they ban people for all sorts of mild medical and mental conditions, so this is not that weird or particularly discriminatory. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder that may interfere with ones ability to serve. People who are depressives, or bipolar, or schizophrenic are also banned from serving. I'd say a mental disorder that causes you to want to mutilate your own genitals, grow out your tits, and prance around in women's clothing is a pretty standard disqualifier. Trump is doing the right thing. Obama was the retarded one for allowing this during his administration.

christine hancock
christine hancock 1 year

On a surface level it looks unfair, but there are some issues about transgender service member. How do you maitain privacy for the transgender person in tight quarters. If you are a transgender man, you probably don't want to be reminded a lot of your feminine body, nor would you want it noticed all that much; but then try using the showers of either gender, and suddenly you have both exposure and confrontation. How do you maintain group cohesion? It's actually a big deal to try and make people see you the way you see you. You can't do that, it makes people angry, even when ordered by an authority to suspend disbelief. Expensive to maintain. This is probanly not an issue for transgenders who don't undergo transition or hormone therapy and don't want it. But anyone who has ever paid full price for surgery or hormone knows how expensive it is. Also, taking hormones has serious undesirable side effects, the treatment of which is also costly. Finally, and this is perhaps the most impprtant problem facing transgender people. Suicide. They have unusually high rates of suicide. The US military and the VA already has more suicides than they know what to do with among members and vets who don't suffer from gender dysphoria. No. The military is a very bad place to seek emotional therapy or acceptance. It's a very very stressful place and wartime service can break a person. In what crazy world do we think war activity might prevent suicide in people who are noted for their high suicide rates?

Mitchell 1 year

Avoid the draft by sexually identifying as a Russian asset.

michael zubas
michael zubas 1 year

this has happened before to other groups. and its sad it's hapoening again

Mark Oulaghan
Mark Oulaghan 1 year

thank god some common sense pity it took this long though

Ywacch 1 year

Next year lookin good. All that’s left is for trump to win the elections

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

Military service is not a social experiment

othala 1 year

Thank god we still haven’t lost all sanity

Musical Lover
Musical Lover 1 year

You’re welcome to join before transition and after transition (as far as I know), as long as you don’t expect the military to pay for your non life threatening surgery. You have to take pills while transitioning, and when deployed, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the ability to do so. That’s why people with ADHD who are on medication are rejected.

Korvin Carry
Korvin Carry 1 year

people with pre existing medical concerns arent allowed. transgenderism is a pre existing medical condition, according to the left and right. nuff said

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