Amazon to close its online store in China

Amazon to close its online store in China Inc said it will shut its China online store by July 18. The move underscores how entrenched, home-grown e-commerce rivals have made it difficult for Amazon’s marketplace to gain traction in China. Research estimates say Alibaba Group Holding’s Tmall marketplace and controlled 82 per cent of the Chinese e-commerce market last year.

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 1 year

Show this story to Alexandria ocasio-cortez. Look lady, even China can beat Amazon with Capitalism!

Randy Souse-Git
Randy Souse-Git 1 year

Poor Bezos. Must be a blow to his ego.

Ste Stones
Ste Stones 1 year

The economic hegemony is changing. Buckle up!

Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth
Black Mirror “Nathan” Darth 1 year

It's great to see Jeff "I cheat on my wife" Bozos lose the largest market in the world. Hahaha you little dick. I've heard the stories about no bigger than a thumb. Nothing but another out of touch billionaire! It's supposed to be Bozos.. Same as tard and CIA shill.

Seed 1 year

Lex Luthor got beaten in his own game. Prepare for massive Amazon Prime Premium Hikes

.       .
. . 1 year

What you don't understand is that regardless what brand It cannot survive in China mainland... +51% of everything is forcibly theirs They never cared for you to earn over there They only wanted to learn your secrets at trade So they could make a knockoff of their own to display Everything in China is only allowed to be about China Every video clip is only allowed if it shows them winning or us losing To defeat them is easy: You join them you die, You avoid them at all costs you survive They cannot subsist without you and I I promise you this cross my heart on my life Tell all that you can we must now start the ban The real 12 year death limit is if we let them expand

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