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Man in Virginia shot by sheriff’s deputy

Man in Virginia shot by sheriff’s deputy

A sheriff’s deputy from Virginia shot 32-year-old Isaiah Brown about an hour after the same deputy gave the man a ride home. A police statement reveals that Brown was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when the deputy responded to his house following reports of a ’domestic incident’. The deputy then yelled to Brown to show his hands and ’drop the gun.’

Tom A
Tom A
bhp 2 weeks

There are four articles on the US news feed inregards to shooting. All 4 include POC but yet only the 2 that have police involved state the race of the shooter and the deceased. What a joke!

BaFbF 2 weeks

"Stop breaking the law, asshole!"

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

Maybe mandatory class for 1 hour every week from the 3rd grade through masters degree on how to act when confronted by a cop. Step 1 Don't talk back Step 2 say " yes officer, no officer, I don't know officer" Step 3 Don't run Step 4 Dont attack an officer Step 5 If the cop is an over board @sshole( which there are some the entire Montville,CT department) keep your mouth shut take your ticket or go to holding cell then the next day file a formal complaint and you can sue them and you'll still be alive. Step 6 How bout not commit crimes

Hollowhammer 2 weeks

Nickel if all it takes is to attempt to flee and you know cops will just stand down then all criminals will do is run and they'll never arrest anyone again.

K. 2 weeks

Another grave policing error.

Nickel 2 weeks

Yes another grave police error by using your gun to stop somebody that is trying to get away I don't know what they were there to arrest him for but they should have let him go and drive away and then arrest him later on when he comes back home so many police are retiring nowadays cuz they're afraid to do their job anymore in defending the police the Supreme Court better rule that it's okay to carry your gun western style cuz you will need it

Ned_Flanders 2 weeks

He had a gun, why didnt he defend himself from the police?

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