Tesla investigates after car appears to explode in China

Tesla investigates after car appears to explode in China

Tesla said it is investigating a video on Chinese social media that appears to show one of its vehicles bursting into flames. The carmaker said it had sent a team to investigate the matter, and that there were no reported casualties. Tesla did not confirm the car model but social media identified it as Model S.

Rift Walker
Rift Walker 1 year

A genuine accident from a faulty product, or a staged smear event to push back American products away from China?

Michael Shields
Michael Shields 1 year

Just happened to be filming at the exact moment of a spontaneous explosion? Cool story...

.       .
. . 1 year

Obviously it's a ploy by the Chinese to boost domestic sales. They did the same thing some months ago to expell the poor from rural areas in Beijing. They started a fire and claimed that all shanty towns were unsafe and so in the middle of winter out hundreds of thousands in the streets (banned from living in their shitty homes that up until that very moment were allowed.) When it comes to Chinese, they will lie in the most ridiculous and obvious ways to get what they want. They've been taught their whole lives to lie. 45 years ago if your tractor broke down you'd lie that you just hadn't plowed the field yet because if you told them the tractor broke they'd make you for a saboteur (nothing in commie land could conceivably break because the communist system is as close to God as your pathetic serf existence will ever encounter (look up Mao's mangoes and the culture of chabuduo 差不多))

IIZard 1 year


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