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Oscars 2021: ’Nomadland’ sweeps the awards

Oscars 2021: ’Nomadland’ sweeps the awards

’Nomadland’ won the best picture Oscar at the 93rd Academy Awards Sunday, with lead actress Frances McDormand taking home the best actress in a leading role award. Chloé Zhao won best director for ’Nomadland’, becoming the first Asian woman and woman of color to win the award. Separately, Anthony Hopkins won the best actor award for his performance in Florian Zeller’s ’The Father.’

bluelight brain damage
bluelight brain damage 2 weeks

Who cares? The Oscar's have long proven to be arbitrary. Ever since, Chocolaté, won best picture it became obvious that the awards were given out based on what producers were willing to offer the academy. Any who still pays attention to award shows, for basically anything, is wasting their life; fantasizing about being part of something you're not is terrible for a persons self esteem and phycological well being, and that's all award shows are.

James 2 weeks

Wait! The Oscars were on last night!? Oh wait... that’s right. I don’t care. Never mind.

Glen 2 weeks

OSCARS, Should be called the pretenders, where actors go to pretend their someone else.

Sigfried 2 weeks

A movie no one has heard of sweeps Awards in a season of award giving full of movies no one has heard of.

Blind 2 weeks

I haven't seen it either nor received an ad for it on any of my Youtube ads so im guessing this is just them giving each other pats on the back. Sad, I grew up thinking that people achieved awards, they weren't just given.

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