Easter Bunny that hopped into Orlando fight has a criminal record in two states

Easter Bunny that hopped into Orlando fight has a criminal record in two states

Antoine McDonald, the Easter bunny who was hailed as a hero for hopping in the middle of a fight between a man and woman in Orlando, Florida is apparently wanted in New Jersey. Delaware police say he was arrested there in 2017. No arrests were made in connection to the Orlando fight. McDonald says he tried to break up the fight after he saw a man spitting on a black woman.

Monster Mash
Monster Mash 1 year

I would love to hear the call to the police, imagine trying to tell the operator that the Easter bunny handed your arse to you.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Florida Man.... and Bunny!

Ste Stones
Ste Stones 1 year

Don’t mess with Thumper.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 1 year

after further review, the man that attacked the Easter Bunny was Santa Claus

Scott in FLorida
Scott in FLorida 1 year

He is wanted in NJ which = not a FLorida man. He is a fugitive running from the law in FL will you losers please stay in your blue states we dont want you here.

consistency 1 year


Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 1 year

Furry let's fist of fury fly

Jesse McCree
Jesse McCree 1 year

What the fuck is New Jersey Man doing in Florida? Get off our meme, asshole! This is our turf!

Herbie Goes Bananas
Herbie Goes Bananas 1 year

Is the fact she was a black woman relevant to the story? Can we keep identity politics out of the descriptions please?!

Trist 1 year

"man spitting on a *black* woman." I don't see why you had to put race into this.

axel johns
axel johns 1 year

idk why he is hailed as a hero. both the man and woman had a role in starting that fight and the woman was kicking the shit out of the guy before this clown jumped in and starting wailing on him too. I guess it doesn't matter, if you're a dude in a fight with a woman anyone who comes up and sucker punches you is a hero.

Jackie 1 year

NSFW CW: language, Easter Bunny related violence, guy in bunnysuit grinding on a woman at the club, you know, Florida stuff. I'm just gonna leave this here https://twitter.com/bustedcoverage/status/1120299102070288387 This whole thread is wild. Apparently Antoine the Easter Bunny was club hopping all night https://twitter.com/joeyhawkeye/status/1120342837671993344

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Florida bunny

Timothy Kilmer
Timothy Kilmer 1 year

This is pretty tame for a Florida story.

Ywacch 1 year

Need I say it again. Florida >>> South Park

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 year

The Easter Bunny kicked the shit out of some guy attacking a woman. He should be applauded.

NPC 33331
NPC 33331 1 year

I'm sure the angry black woman did NOTHING like even spot on the homeless man...

T Man
T Man 1 year

Bugs hasn’t been the same since he moved to Florida.

Eric Shun
Eric Shun 1 year

it must be the mythical Florida man

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. . 1 year


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