Trump meets with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Trump meets with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Trumps meets up with CEO of Twitter to complain about the loss of Twitter followers. He also went on to complain about the bias of Twitter and how they ban some people just for their political views while not doing enough to deter major threats.

Mr. Monday Moans
Mr. Monday Moans
1 year

I really hope that Trump gave him a nice verbal beating. :)

IIZard 1 year

Collusion!! 😂

Stephen 1 year

Huh... I wonder how many crazed leftists will send hate mail to Jack for giving a platform to that bad orange man.

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 1 year

Trump is one of the few non-wussified voices still on twitter. They need him for entertainment as much as he needs twitter to get his message out due to the unbelievably biased media.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

did trump bring pim tool?

consistency 1 year

I picture Dorsey just standing the whole time rolling his eyes

Nuclear Jellyfish
Nuclear Jellyfish 1 year

social media is increasingly running to the Government for protection

Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 1 year

Trump is the only reason Twitter still exists; if he goes to another platform, it's all over for Twitter. Jack should do whatever Trump tells him to do.

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 1 year

He meets with many people and gets jack shit done except photo ops.

consistency 1 year

He hasn't quite grasped the concept that he has fewer followers than Obama because he's just not that popular and there's no Electoral College to control Twitter

consistency 1 year

love the things he complains about with the "collusion" against conservatives. losing followers due to removal of bots (probably still doesn't know what that means), trouble logging in (spoken like a 90 year old) and good old discrimination. hey you damn kids, get on my Twitter! hahaha

Star Alien
Star Alien 1 year

Twitter is the new red phone

Toby Lunn
Toby Lunn 1 year

He should start his own social media, he could call it Twatter, and make it as non p.c as possible. Twitter would die overnight.

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