Arizona boy, 15, ’wanted to blow up a Muslim church’

Arizona boy, 15, ’wanted to blow up a Muslim church’

Phoenix police are investigating an alleged threat made by a high school student to blow up a mosque. Officials said the 15-year-old was in custody and that ’charges are still being considered’. Another student at Pinnacle High school on Monday heard the teen say he wanted to ’blow up a Muslim church’ and on Tuesday saw the student with a bag contained several pounds of a white powdery substance.

Based Haole
Based Haole 1 year

more like kid gets arrested over home made fireworks... remember when some Muslim kid made a fake bomb oh I'm sorry I mean when he took a digital clock apart and made it look like a bomb and his classmates reported him and everyone cried racism...yeah

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 1 year

Sri Lanka: some terrorists are going to blow up a heap of places of worship and they have the means to do it... Holy... please tell me it’s not mosques! Nah, just some Catholic Churches. Pfft... who cares? USA: some kid was talking about bombing a church. Yeah? Well Catholics have been asking for it. You know, the Crusades and all... No sir, he’s talking about a mosque... (Spits out coffee) GET THE SWAT IN THERE NOW! Lock that SOB up under our Children’s Thought Crimes Legislation.

Jackie 1 year

glad they did something before he did. especially after Sri Lanka ignored warning, I'm glad to see that the US isnt.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

it was just a clock in a case

.       .
. . 1 year

He was just trying to act Muslim so the Muslims would like him. It's called initiative!

Booble Plus
Booble Plus 1 year

Yeah Im sure that 15 yo kid was totally gonna do it for real this time, he'll show YOU mom.

IIZard 1 year

There's no such thing as a Muslim church. But sure, check him for bombs. EDIT: Fox says he made up the threat to get out of school, lol.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

That's just not acceptable regardless of the religion. Don't commit it period.

Isaiah Shane
Isaiah Shane 1 year

How do you report a link to a story that isn’t the same story?

Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 1 year

They are called Mosques, and have no place in free societies anyway.

Macius 1 year

Let that be a lesson for you kids. Don't bragg. Ever. About anything

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