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Texas lawmaker sparks backlash for declaring there are six sexes

Texas lawmaker sparks backlash for declaring there are six sexes

A Texas Democratic state lawmaker sparked a backlash after remarking that there are six different sexes, and not just two. He was speaking during a committee hearing Tuesday on a measure to ban transgender athletes from girls’ K-12 scholastic sports. James Talarico, a former English teacher, also added in his speech that ’ is a spectrum, and oftentimes can be very ambiguous.’

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 1 weeks

Leftists....Up is down, words are violence, white is b^d, man is a woman...very very Orwellian.

Shmule 1 weeks

Only six? I thought the new normal was 72. This guy-gal-mix must be relatively conservative on the conservative-liberal spectrum.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 weeks

Keep voting people with this level of intelligence into office and we will be Medieval soon enough. My favorites are the Congressmen that thought Guam would capsize if they built a base in it and the one that didn't know what a garbage disposal was.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Leftists are mentally ill. I'll give you 3 Males Female and a retardation/deformity known has hermaphrodites. All the rest is just metal illness or confusion. A simple DNA test will tell you what your are 100%.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 1 weeks

Sex is not a spectrum. Sexual dimorphism just shows to different extremes across different life-forms. Humans are less sexually dimorphic than a bunch of animal species, but general secondary characteristics are found amongst women and different ones are found amongst men. Of course exceptions to rules exist, but those exceptions do not fundamentally alter the rules. Almost all women have a shared set of secondary physical/biological characteristics to some degree and almost all men have a shared set of secondary physical/biological characteristics to some degree. Just because something sounds woke and progressive doesn’t make it correct, and certainly shouldn’t be the basis for law-making

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 weeks

XX (female) XY (Male) X (Turner Syndrome) XXY (Kleinfelter Syndrome) is as far as I can stretch it, where are the last two coming from?

Nott 1 weeks

What I find funny, is the rainbow gender crowd is silent at the blantant misuse of the term, sex. For the last 5+ years, they have been saying "yes there is only 2 biological SEXES, but GENDER is expressed and thus, essential infinite". Now when a Democrat, likely intentionally (there are no mistakes in spreading propaganda) claims biological SEX is now just a social construct, silence. Not one peep. If anything, they get upset he didnt recognize all 72 of them, not at the fact they are constantly shifting the goal posts and using linguistic propaganda to brainwash people into believing biology does not exist. This type of thing, is exactly why I lost all respect for them. I used to be more so on board with the LGBT movement, in that people should be treated equally and deserve not to be mistreated over their life choices. I also believe people should not be so judgemental of others. Pretty sure there is a line in the bible about it, and completely agree. Not saying you csnt judge others, just you know, stones, glass houses. Judge people om the content of their character, rather than superfical things like skin color and individual life choices such as "gender". Now its devolved into a group that only exists to vacuum up money and power, to then exert that power, to force people to bend to their wills. Basically just a bunch of would be tyrants, demanding you give them respect and worship them. Disgusting and sad.

Seekster 1 weeks

Its embarassing this representative is in Texas. Its hilarious that this representative went to Harvard "they know so much that isn't so." Its chilling that this representative used to teach. There are 2 sexes and a handful of birth abnormalities. That is what science has, and continues to show. Yes you can have intersex people with mixed up chromosomes but they don't constitute a different sex.

K. 1 weeks

The fact remains that it takes a man and a woman to procreate, so please keep weeding yourselves out of the population.

Jackson 1 weeks

Who tf cares how many sexes there are? Just accept people lmao

Micah 1 weeks

Oof y’all conservatives make me laugh. Have fun you dying breed lmao.

Deklan 1 weeks

Intersex people do exist. Idk if there’s “six sexes,” but people are born with different characteristics and nothing natural in this world is absoultely one thing or another.

Miranda 1 weeks

This is true, and it’s super interesting! I actually did a research paper on it for my AP bio class. There are 6 current sex chromosome combinations that are recognized in science. XX (female) and XY (male) are the most common, however the other ones still exist (they fall under the intersex umbrella). As for sex being a spectrum, that’s due to how someone could have XY chromosomes, be born with a vagina, etc. It isn’t as binary as we were told in elementary school Edit: grabbed a source for y’all

Brad 1 weeks

No one reads the article. He clearly lays out 6 possible combinations of sex chromosome, some of which are very rare birth irregularities. They may not be common, but that doesn't mean our legislation should ignore them. It's not leftist identity politics, it's basing legislation in actually biology, not your ignorant assumptions of reality. Get a grip, and learn to read more than a headline.

Argaveus 1 weeks

I knew it was only a matter of time. You start by saying there's more than two genders and claiming "sex and gender are two totally separate things, they've never been used interchangeably" and then move on to there being more than two sexes. Complete nonsense both times

Alex 1 weeks

Why are so many liberals incapable of distinguishing between their own rules for gender and sex? It makes no sense. Claim what you want about genders and wll that, but there is absolutely zero room to budge on sexes. They are genetically rigid.

Eliot 1 weeks

I understand people who don't feel like their body is right and wish they were the opposite sex. That is a mental thing and supported by various scientific studies. However, there is no science supporting this, and in forensics there is male bone structure and female bib structure.

michael 1 weeks

Male, female, and hermaphrodite are the only sexes I can think of. I think they may have been supposed to say gender. For which there is no clear number, as each culture has different views on gender. The US is currently struggling with accepting even the idea that gender IS social and not biological.

Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner 1 weeks

There seem to be a fair number of uninformed idiots in the comments. The same people making the argument that your chromosomes determine your sex don't even understand that there are 6 naturally occurring chromosomal patterns: X, XX, XXY, XY, XYY, XXXY obviously some are more common than others.

ttocsick 1 weeks

What a phukn bozo! I like how challenging reality has become commonplace and on the table for serious discussion. Green new deal and this, just to name a couple of things. Are kind is regressing. And this guy actually was a teacher? Universal background checks for all teachers, from this point forward. We're in trouble

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