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Earth’s axis has been shifted by climate change: Study

Earth’s axis has been shifted by climate change: Study

There have been marked shifts in the Earth’s axis of rotation since the 1990s given the massive melting of glaciers as a result of global heating. Scientists found the direction of polar drift shifted from southward to eastward in 1995 and that the average speed of drift from 1995-2020 was 17 times faster than from 1981-1995. Since 1980, the position of the poles has moved about 4 meters.

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 weeks

There's a lot to unpack here. First, the research I coming out of China, so keep that in mind. The NY Post article then shifts to politics and cites Biden's concerns about climate change - odd how we're not asking Xi Jing Ping about his thoughts on the subject, considering China's grotesque pollution record. Second, the article states that the North and South poles have moved 13ft/4m since the 90s, but they don't tell you the change of the Earth's obliquity/axial tilt - has it change from 23%? Chances are it's mathematically such a small change that they don't want to give the number because everyone will say "Oh, is that all?". Third, they give melting ice caps as the main cause, and secondary causes as changes to ocean currents and "pumping groundwater". Am I the only one that remembers when earthquakes were all the rage in the news, and how a certain quake in Chile was purported to have shifted the Earth's axis? You could argue that rising sea levels are seeping into terrestrial fault lines and lubing them up to release long built up stress, but still. EDIT: The procession of the equinoxes - the Earth's poles wander in circles over the course of thousands of years (~26k I believe). This means that we have a different pole star during different epochs of history. Now, the North star is Polaris, but in ancient Egypt, it was Vega, of the asterism Lyra. In closing the ebb and flow of Ice Ages have been going on for as long as our species has been here, and longer. Ancient sites exist underwater, not because of anthropological "climate change", but because of natural cycles driven by the Sun. This is fearmongering bologna meant to get us to supplicate to a totalitarian system. Thanks for coming to my TED-Talk.

Lisa 1 weeks

What if the shifting of the earth's axis causes warming at the poles and polar melt and climate change. We need a committee to stop the earth's axis from wobbling, which I believe has been going on long before humans and their cars and planes came along.

Nickel 1 weeks

You can't stop mother nature in the natural cycles of heating and cooling of the Earth so they want to get rid of all the cars with combustion engines what about all the Jets thousands of them playing everyday they do more harm to the atmosphere that all the cars put together ground all Jets

BlunderingFool 1 weeks

And here I thought the Earth’s axis has more to do with celestial bodies and magnetic fields. But apparantly if you move things around gravity will get wonky... I’m struggling to understand how that’s physically sound.

Lawrence 1 weeks

What kind of scientists actually believe we, humans, can change the movement of the planet in any way possible? That is utter nonsense as a theorem! This is a blatant political piece targeted for the low-information population. People, just think for a few minutes. Do you honestly believe humans can alter this celestial body's movement in any way? If that were the case, wouldn't we simply alter the earth's orbit to move a little further from the sun and "solve" this planet's "climate change" problem? The answer is no, therefore the article is a blatant lie.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 weeks

A and B happened around the same time, therefore A caused B.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

BS. Earths poles have been walking away since we ever started monitoring them. All maps and globes from 100 years ago are completely inaccurate. This is also why GPS and chart plotters have to be updated all of the time. Physical North vs. Magnetic North are a complete other discussion but we passed or are still passing through the galactic equator which may likely cause more weird chit to occur.,km%20a%20year)%20toward%20Siberia.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

4 meters. The earth has a circumference of 40,075 KM. That’s nothing. Less than a degree of shifting.

peeweeherman 1 weeks

The thing that REALLY baffles me is that there are people in the world who will read this, and actually believe it to be true. I feel bad for people who are that gullible.

Tetelestai 1 weeks

oh give me a break! they are called "Milankovitch cycles". they have been known about since the 1920's. as Georde Orwell so elegantly put it "some ideas are so wrong, only an educated person could believe it".

Tim 1 weeks

A: the magnetic poles or the geographic poles? B: back in the dark ages of the 1980's, we were taught that the Earth wobbles in its axis. Would this not account for a minor shift? C: Yeah, I know I'm just a dumb heathen, but still..

Highlander 1 weeks

This is what those who have little understanding of climatology don't understand. On a cosmic scale the difference humans make to the changing environment is negligible. Earth is affected by sunspots, the gravitational pull of Jupiter which takes earth further from the sun. We are affected by the shift in the tilt of the earth itself as well as the cycle of earth's wobble on it's axis as it spins, much like a spinning top losing speed. Currently earth is coming out an of an ice age. Ice ages last a period of 6000 years. This is one of the reasons the earth is warming up. Even if humans were still in the dark ages and in pre industrial age, the earth would still be warming up. Those morons pushing everyone to change their lifestyles for the sake of climate change are doing so to exert control and as an excuse to tax us more by taxing gas at the pumps and other taxes. We are being conned.

Trevelyn 1 weeks

More BS to take money away from hard working people.

Nickel 1 weeks

Aviation's contribution to climate change – 3.5% of warming, or 2.5% of CO2 emissions – is often less than people think. It's currently a relatively small chunk of emissions compared to other sectors. The key challenge is that it is particularly hard to decarbonize.Oct 22, 2020

Aden 1 weeks

Ok for 1 there has been studies from the early 1900s that this has happened before humans existed and while humans existed, they had a study in the early 2000s saying the samething and cars are a 2% contributor to greenhouse so cars aren't gonna change much the worry isn't greenhouse but water pollution and it always has but no one will focus on that fact

OmegaDMM 1 weeks

I am just waiting for the hobbit homes industry to start booming when they officially say traditional homes are no longer viable options for living due to the excess energy needed to keep them warm/cool. Lovely mud huts here we come!

David 1 weeks

Now I could believe a change in axis could change climate - melting ice. But not melting ice causing the actual mass of the earth to change its tilt. The mass of sea ice is so extremely small versus the mass of the planet. Gravitational shifts, Changes in our Sun's gravitational pull? More believable. Shifts in inner/outer core dynamics? More believable. Cow farts/Crony Capitalist Corporatism? Not likely but we love to blame those tasty cows! Melting ice? No. The Chinese have reverse causation bias.

michael 1 weeks

Not really something I expected from climate change. But considering the shifting of mass that melting ice caps would bring about, I guess it should have been obvious. The other ice ages must have caused similar wobbles.

pat 1 weeks

Axis shifts all the time has been talked on before climate change so has nothing to do with climate change because both tilting and climate changing a constant.... if it were not for global warming they told us in 70s heading for next ice age...and sad then axis shift... sigh, theories always change too... they do not know..its speculation and an hoped for expectation though not seen yet (faith)

Diddy 1 weeks

Go watch the Charley Chester CNN video where he admits wholeheartedly that CNN's agenda has been for quite some time to push propaganda to drive revenue and clicks. He speaks at length how it was decided from the top town that the agenda would be BLM and race inequity and as soon as that narrative lost steam it would be global warming that dominated the airwaves and mainstream rhetoric. The mainstream media bastardizing and propagandizing people's minds is nothing new. I bring this up so the sheeple can see with their own eyes the hypocrisy and coordinated effort that keeps dissenting and unpopular opinions demonetized and censured. WAKE UP.

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