Trump says he is holding big Pharma accountable in opioid fight

Trump says he is holding big Pharma accountable in opioid fight

President Trump on Wednesday touted the progress in the fight against opioid abuse and promised to hold drugmakers accountable for their part in the crisis. His comments came a day after the government charged drug distributor Rochester Drugs and company executives for their role in fueling the epidemic. ’We are holding big Pharma accountable’, Trump said.

U. S. Marine
U. S. Marine 1 year

Did the protest surprise anyone? That the slaver Democrats who have declared all out war on Republicans are protesting? I would be surprised if they didn't. They will Lie, Steal, Cheat and even Murder to get back their power. They have the Media, corrupt cops, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges and leftover remnants of the federal agencies to push their pro-slavery ideology.

Hypnotica 1 year

So Donald Trump wants to give a speech about ending the opioid crisis, and Democrats are planning protests? I'm sorry but what?!

Biased comment
Biased comment 1 year

Why does she have to be on opioids to speak at a summit? heard of stage fright but sheesh

Graven 1 year

Really seems to me that this country needs to stop protecting idiots from themselves. If people would take responsibility for the actual hand shoving the meds down there gullet, instead blaming the manufacturers and the doctor, we'd be actually making progress. There be be whole lot smarter population once you let Darwin work like it's supposed to.

consistency 1 year

accountability and trump are not close friends.

Hannibal 1 year

Good! Go after Pharma for bribing corrupt doctors and hospitals into giving people highly addictive drugs. Plus as an added bonus most of Pharma's donations go to Democrats. Why else were they untouched by Obamacare?

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