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Biden administration may relax outdoor mask guidance

Biden administration may relax outdoor mask guidance

According to reports, the Biden admin is slated to relax public health guidance on wearing masks outdoors as soon as Tuesday. The announcement could give separate recommendations for fully vaccinated people and those who have not received a vaccine. The administration is still finalizing the guidance. According to the CDC, more than 42% of the US population has received at least one vaccine dose.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 weeks

A royal decree coming soon to free the people? What nonesense. We have been mask free for weeks in Texas (not mandated) and our incidence is one of lowest while our mental health and livelihoods are returning to normal. Woe to the states and countries that keep up this controlling fascist nonesense.

The Autarch
The Autarch 2 weeks

Wait, you guys have been wearing masks outside? Lmao. When reading Fauci's comments about "science" and "data", I was reminded of a book I read that explored psychic phenomenon through a scientific lens. One of the main takeaways was the influence of confirmation bias on experimental outcomes - researchers that wanted to positively identify psychic phenomenon such as clairvoyance or telepathy would accrue data that confirmed their bias, and conversely, those that wished to disprove the existence of such phenomenon would generate data disproving them. Similarly, totalitarian seeking to manipulate and control the population would generate data confirming their position. Don't get me started on all the contradictions and backpedaling on who is most protected by wearing a mask - wearing a mask protects YOU? I mean, it protects others? I mean, if you're vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask? I mean, those that have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks, while those that are unvaccinated still must wear protect others...who are vaccinated...? HERD IMMUNITY! OTHER BUZZWORDS! APPEAL TO AUTHORITY FALLACY!

Diddy 2 weeks

This is how a dictator or king operates. A decree that says what people can and can't do while outside. Take note all you leftists tards. You got your guy, and suffer the consequences you will. But orange man so bad, we know.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Never had any statewide mandate in Florida. Spare us your 'charity'. We are doing just fine without your 'help'.

Matthew 2 weeks

I have never worn a mask outside...ever. If you have are too big a pussy to live.

Jeremy 2 weeks

if the shedding abnormalities and womens disrupted menstrual cycle are any indication. maybe the vaccinated need to keep wearing masks...

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 weeks

Thank you oh glorious unifer Biden.. praise be his name... I can possibly finally use an inkling of logic and not wear a mask outside... I am so blessed by your omniscience that it is stunning.. beautiful and stunningly beautiful... praise be the great unifer and president Harris

Rocket 2 weeks

What that DIPSHIT, FAKE president (QUID PRO JOE and the HO) doesn't seem to understand is that only the 🐑🐑🐑 give a damn about the gibberish that comes out of his mouth. That moron cannot dictate whether I nor anyone else wears a face diaper or not. There is ZERO evidence those stupid things do anything more than restrict breathing fresh air. Only 90 days in office and the country is a disaster! Thank God we finally have Arizona kicking off the Forensic Audits of the 2020 election. The WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD will be exposed and trigger more Statewide Audits across the country. The TREASONOUS BASTARDS that were behind it should face the DEATH PENALTY so we never end up with a COMMUNIST PUPPET at the helm of our government again!

Rocket 2 weeks

The wannabe Dictator, Quid Pro Joe and the HO' GOTTA GO! These are two of the most CORRUPT and STUPID people to ever occupy the White House. Their administration is a complete disaster. They and their QUACK, FAUCI try and keep pushing their ridiculous 'face diaper' mandates which are not scientifically backed by ANYTHING! What's most surprising is how many 🐑🐑🐑 there are in this country that drive in their cars, walk their dogs, go jogging, play sports, etc., WITH THEIR FACE DIAPERS ON! SO OBEDIENT! 🐑😂😂😂 Thank God 'rizona's Senate had the courage to move forward with the Forensic Audits from the ridiculous 2020 election we just suffered through. The results of this audit are going to display how WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD was perpetrated and all the CLOWNISH POLITICIANS and their operatives who aided, abetted, and perpetrated this horrible crime on our 'ountry's citizens should all be tried for TREASON!

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Little over 31 million infected with a little over 500k dead. Leaves me with 0.016% death rate. I'll take my chances thank you.

Blind 2 weeks

Creating two different classes of people, purely based upon the level of trust that person has towards the vaccine or if they are medically prohibited from taking it.

Soul Shakedown
Soul Shakedown 2 weeks

There are forty years worth of studies showing masks do not work and cause more problems than they purport to solve. Masks do not work inside or outside and never will. They are pure theater and a symbol of submission and slavery.

Joe 1 weeks

Wait. We are supposed to wear masks outside? Wtf. When did we get ice cream?

Alex 2 weeks

Please daddy give me my freedom back uWu

Justin 2 weeks

Oh please my Lord, let thy not wear thy mask.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 2 weeks

I haven’t stopped laughing yet from the CDC’s story on this, come on man... my eyes are burning and my sides hurt. Now stop it.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Why would he do that? He was just on video talking to the world leaders thousands of miles away with a mask on. Its clearly needed.

Julian 2 weeks

Imagine wearing a mask outside

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