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Supreme Court takes up major case over right to carry guns in public

Supreme Court takes up major case over right to carry guns in public

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a gun-rights claim challenging the New York state’s law restricting people’s right to carry concealed handguns in public. There are 7 other states that limit permits of such weapons to those who can show they have a ’special need’ to be armed. The plaintiffs’ argument that the restrictions violated the 2nd Amendment right has been rejected by lower courts.

Rocky 2 weeks

Well duh. It should be actively encouraged. 94% of public shootings are stopped by citizens with guns. Training, gun safety, and ownership are important to public safety. Carrying is a fantastic way to make the community safer.

Bryan_with_a_why 2 weeks

Shall not be infringed. It's not very difficult to understand. If the SCOTUS rules against this, it's further proof they are culpable in the coming civil war.

Bob 2 weeks

Let's be honest here. This is really about the urban/rural divide. In the rural areas you're allowed CCW, but don't really need to. In the cities you're not allowed CCW, but would be a lot safer if you did.

Eddie 2 weeks

Having to pay a fee to exercise an innate right is the real crime here.

jjthesavage 2 weeks

"may issue" a ccw is unconstitutional, they'll have to switch to "shall issue". Big thing here is how the opinion is written, they could specify the right to bear outside the home.

Daniel 2 weeks

“James told the court that the law requires applicants to carry the handgun in public without restriction to show an ‘actual and articulable -- rather than merely speculative or specious -- need for self-defense.’” Let me just schedule my next victimization so I know when I’ll have to carry my pistol and not just leave it up to speculation.

Diddy 2 weeks

Really pleased to see the supreme court take up a 2A case after all these years. Was inclined to think they were going to shirk their responsibility indefinitely, or were biding their time until a majority decision could play out. Looks like the latter.

michael 2 weeks

I don't think a concealed weapon deters attack. Concealing a weapon is a means of attack or ambushing an attacker. Concealing a weapon is an offensive strategy. It is not defense. I support our right to openly carry arms. Seeing an armed person makes me not want to mess with them. I do not support the right to endanger cops and the ones they police across this country by making every single encounter a potentially deadly one in the cops mind. Paranoid cops shoot people. Concealed carry makes cops paranoid. Blue lives matter, let's stop flooding the streets with guns.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

Yeahhh the conservative justices will prob vote for more guns injected into society. (It wont make anyone safer, it will do the opposite).

Dave 2 weeks

Honestly if people have to carry guns, I would prefer they carry them where I can see them. So I know if they're reaching for a gun or not. Plus its more of a visual deterrent to muggers "yeah, better not mug her, she has a .45 on her hip." That said, an argument could be made for the other side "oh shit, she has a .45 on her hip. Better shoot her and just loot the corpse."

Kurt 2 weeks

The opinions of this “conservative” court are no guarantee. I am horrified to find out their decision here. May God help us.

Nickel 2 weeks

I want to wear my guns like six shooters like they did in the Wild West with all the police retiring and quitting because they can't do their job anymore it's going to be self-protection like the Wild West

Nickel 2 weeks

What the defendant police crowd police officers retiring early early and quitting since they can't do their jobs anymore you better have open carry around the country it's going to be like the wild west out there

Mikey 1 weeks

Just ban guns from anyone mentaly ill or above the age of 50 and under the age of 25

Milly 2 weeks

This is interesting, scotus usually stays away from commenting on the second amendment and cases related

Lenin 2 weeks

“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” - Karl Marx

Rayed 2 weeks

No one kills more Americans than Americans. Therefore, no one hates Americans more than Americans.

Chrisby 2 weeks

100% of shootings happen by people carrying guns.

Nickel 2 weeks

Well why shouldn't we be able to wear 6 gun on a holster just like they used to do in the western days and with the police all retiring and putting in being defunded we will have to the crooks and crime rate our way up they know the police won't do anything to them now

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

And maybe this is a case they'll actually rule on?

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