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Sri Lanka Muslims fearing backlash after Easter bombings

Sri Lanka Muslims fearing backlash after Easter bombings

Muslims in Sri Lanka fear that they’ll be attacked because of their religion, following the Sunday massacre. Authorities have described the Sri Lankan bombing suspects as Islamist extremists belonging to an international terror group. Muslims account for 10 per cent of Sri Lanka’s population, making them the second-largest minority after Hindus.

Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 1 year

no shit. you kill a lot of people, there will be a lot of backlash.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 1 year

Isn’t it strange doesn’t matter who seems to be attacked we are always being asked to feel sorry for muslims.

Mark Oulaghan
Mark Oulaghan 1 year

playing the victim no the victims are the Christians who were slaughtered by (radical) Muslims

IIZard 1 year

Expel the bastards.

Turn N Burn
Turn N Burn 1 year

Here's an idea: if you are Muslim in Sri Lanka, search to the ends of the Earth to find the Muslims that are bombing other people and bringing shame to your religion. Bring these people to justice so that everyone can trust you again!

Connor Scott
Connor Scott 1 year

no shit. they are all partly responsible for this attack. they have done nothing to reform their religion or to stop this attack. you don't see terrorism on this level anymore from any other abrahamic religion due to them actually going through a period of reform and getting rid of their more agresive ways. fuck Islam it's a cancer on this Earth.

Havoc44 1 year

I see where this is going. hundreds of Christians were murdered but no it's the Muslims who were the real victims. because of alleged attacks that have no proof of happening yet

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 1 year

Here we go with the 'poor Muslims' victim card. Great choice of picture. It's the only time we ever see Muslim women or children. Usually it's hordes of bearded zealots foaming at the mouth about how much they hate the rest of us while leeching off our welfare systems. I'm so fucking tired of this 'poor Muslims' bullshit. There are 1.6 billion of them yet they're always the poor, oppressed minority. Not a single Muslim nation or leader has expressed ANY public sympathy for this atrocity.

Lavose 1 year

well it's a good thing that "Easter worshipers" don't count as actual people. Calling them Christian might humanize them... (Sarcasm)

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 1 year

Meanwhile western media: daaaaa pooor mudlsimz Christchurch! Wuuu-hite supremazy!!!

General Zap
General Zap 1 year

Typo, you meant Islamofascists.

Eddie 1 year

I doubt the Christians will launch a crusade but the government's plan to ban the burqa is a good start

Magister Mortran
Magister Mortran 1 year

Thry certainly deserved a backlash.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

There are millions upon millions Muslims that do not condone the violence. We need those Muslims to stand up and fiercely condemn religious terrorism. Instead of being in fear of retaliation they need to stand up and say “that is not who we are”.

Seth Harpenger
Seth Harpenger 1 year

almost as though you have to keep the extreme eliments of you religion in check when everyone around you is part of a group that will retaliate... ... i hope to god they have to flee to a sharia country and get a taste of their own goddamn medicine

Lowlife 1 year

What group did the terrorists belong to?

Rocky LeBlanc
Rocky LeBlanc 1 year

I'd expect death if my groups goal was the extermination or subjugation of all other groups on the planet and my means of achieving this was constant terrorist mass murders/bombings. How insane do you have to be to think you can go around claiming superiority and murdering any who don't agree without consequence.

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 1 year

Bomb and kill Celebrate the “martyrs” Fear backlash that never comes Repeat

Tetranome 1 year

Well what a coincidence.... 🤤

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 year

and the cycle of life...err death, continues.

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