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European Commission president blames sexism for ’sofagate’ debacle

European Commission president blames sexism for ’sofagate’ debacle

The EU chief has said that her recent treatment in Turkey, where she was denied a chair at top-level talks, underscores the EU’s need to tackle sexism. ’I felt hurt and I felt alone as a woman, and as a European,’ von der Leyen said about the incident come to be known as ’sofagate.’ The issue has focused on Turkish President diplomatic faux pas in failing to provide a chair for von der Leyen.

Milkshake 1 weeks

This woman is 62 years of age yet shows the emotional and intellectual capacity of a 13 year old. Nah boo, there is a justification that's not your arbitrarily made up muh sexisms for the way how you were treated. For starters there's you being a "President" unelected by the European people but by a machine of elite snobs which also reflects in your behavior. Secondly because EU has showcased itself as a laughingstock under your supervision during COVID time and time and time again. Thirdly, because there's nations wanting to leave, now Austria joining the fray of questioning the need when it could be leading an Intermarium instead. Fourth, the Turks have no reason to treat you as royalty after the past few years the same way Europe doesn't need to treat them, there is no longer a peaceful per-say relationship anymore. There, 4 justifications to treat you as sofa ornamentation, 1 of them pertaining to your legitimacy in your position, 2 of them pertaining to your overall work results for your position, and 1 pertaining to the political relationship being projected through you two as representatives of two organizations. The fact that you "couldn't think of them" is showcase enough of your stunted brain Karen.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks

"Complaining incident is a sign of the enduring fragile ego and b!tchness of be EU." Fixed the headline.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 weeks

W...w...wait! You are criticizing the wrong people! I mean, men, sure, go wild...but those are Muslim men! Show some respect!

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 1 weeks

This is exactly why Turkey does not respect european powers. Well that and they are enemies.

Robo 1 weeks

Jesus, European women are overgrown children, aren't they?

Martin 1 weeks

Woman's rights was a mistake.

Rayed 1 weeks

Why are you surprised? That's what happens in fascist theocratic states!

Rado 1 weeks

This is ridiculous even for me as EU citizen. The whole problem here is that EU has technicaly two heads. Which is irregular for any state or organization... One chosen by heads of each state (2nd hand democracy) and second... for memes i guess? So i dont see anything wrong what Turkey did, everything was according to high level etiquette. It was first comes, first get served. If Charles would sit on that sofa, you would be fine with that, wouldn't you Ursula? Lets face it. The whole EU commission is a joke. EU council holds the power and EU parlament approves theirs decisions. You and whole commision is there to look pretty and do the tasks (which is none lately tbh..). As EU federalist supporter (at least in defence, foreign and border policy) I'm ashamed of whole of this.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

it was a phucl<ing couch, lady.

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