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Tesla’s misses Q1 revenue target, bottomline aided by bitcoin profit

Tesla’s misses Q1 revenue target, bottomline aided by bitcoin profit

Tesla reported first-quarter results on Monday, including a record quarterly net profit of $438M. However, the company’s sales of bitcoin during the quarter contributed $101M toward the bottom line. Revenue in the three months ended in March rose to $10.39B, below analyst expectations. Looking ahead, the management reiterated a previously stated intention to increase deliveries 50% per annum.

Milkshake 2 weeks

Tesla as a company doesn't operate a production revenue business model in the first place. How many times does this need to be repeated and after how many years of constantly reported product income losses? Tesla's business model is subsidy from 1%, subsidy from state sponsors, and subsidy from high level investors, and what's being subsidized is Tesla's R&D mainly and foremost, as Tesla's purpose is to market and put to the test prototype technology other companies are unwilling to invest in or even attempt to prototype because of cowardly boards and cowardly risk assessment models. Thus Tesla's purpose in the industry is to be the one to light the spark and subvert the cowardice of other tech companies and industries by establishing prototype tech and a foundational basis upon which others can build from. Investors inconvenienced by the cowardice of corporations they invest in realize this and use Tesla as their intermediary whip of sorts, ergo Tesla's constantly increasing net worth and stability despite frequent product sales net losses. It's a brilliant system Musk has pushed himself into honestly.

Erik 2 weeks

Clickbait. Tesla beats expectations across the board.

Indo 2 weeks

And that's a newsflash. And a long awaited one. Its not always a P&L thing.

Angry_Face 1 weeks

Ditch making the already obsolete cars and jus plow your $$$ into BTC come 'on you know it makes sense!

GB Oz 2 days

It’s the only reason why he went into Bitcoin; to improve his bottomline. Can read right thru Elon and his antics

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