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Emperor Akihito sees reign end without ever having a war

Emperor Akihito sees reign end without ever having a war

When he abdicates April 30, Japan’s Emperor Akihito will become the first emperor in the country’s modern history to see his era end without ever having a war. Throughout his reign, which began in January 1989 after his father’s death, Akihito has enjoyed widespread respect as a politically neutral figurehead. Japan’s next emperor, Crown Prince Naruhito, ascends the throne on May 1.

Zachary Brooks
Zachary Brooks 1 year

Still have four days...

xThenoirx 1 year

I love the links on this. Two talking about the emperor and then poof! Out comes bbc with a fresh set of purple highlights saying “why can this woman be emperor?” while belching Starbucks.

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 1 year

This is fake news, Japan never signed a peace treaty with Russia, and have been at war scene ww2

Ognar 1 year

I would be genuinely amused if Japan suddenly captured the Spratly islands just to keep it real with history.

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