Trump hosts NCAA Women’s champs Baylor at White House

Trump hosts NCAA Women’s champs Baylor at White House

President Trump on Monday hosted the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament champion the Baylor Lady Bears. This marks the first time a women’s sports team has made a solo trip to the White House during Trump’s presidency. Trump met with players and head coach Kim Mulkey.

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 8 months

Lol they look THRILLED to be there

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 8 months

In other news the Trump can't find his wallet and all the good silverware is gone... 🐒

Jackie 8 months

🤔 sounds like the''d better double the security on the changing rooms

Sjoerd van den berg
Sjoerd van den berg 8 months

The innuendo that this was the first in 2 years for Potus what about Obama's 8 years and other presidents. why the innuendo?

Steve Scotts
Steve Scotts 8 months

women for trump!!!

consistency 8 months

cheap bastard. except when spending our money on himself.

Daddy Tito
Daddy Tito 8 months

If the blue jays or the raptors won a championship would they get invited to the White House?

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 8 months

God he has no class. Embarrassment to the office

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