CNN analysis finds ’at least 77’ Lies to the Public and Investigators

CNN analysis finds ’at least 77’ Lies to the Public and Investigators

According to a new CNN analysis, the Mueller report shows at least 77 specific instances where President Donald Trump’s campaign staff, administration officials and family members, Republican backers and/or associates lied or made false assertions to the public, Congress, or authorities. Many of the alleged lies came from Trump while he was president, the report says.

Andrew Colomy
Andrew Colomy 1 year

Can I petition for this site to make a downvote button for stories?

Got Truth
Got Truth 1 year

Can’t be news if you don’t have anyone who is credible. This is fake news.

KneelDos 1 year

3 CNN articles and 1 buzzfeed... Crikey

IIZard 1 year

No collusion, no obstruction, someone is running out of straws to clutch.

Ryan M
Ryan M 1 year

So Newsvoice has mods who make biased, poorly sourced and agenda-driven posts now? Bad form. At least try to make your axe grinding less obvious.

Jackie 1 year

The comments on this are so salty I should have brought french fries.

Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut 1 year

This is great, the only source listed is buzzfeednews!

Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

Still no collusion and no obstruction, so we're jumping to "politician lied to the public"? Is that it, is that the best they can throw at him? Oh yeah "we want to see his IRS", why, why should he give it when they'll only try and twist whatever's on it to smear him? What else is there besides "we are afraid he'll win 2020 again so we need to discredit him somehow"? Get a grip.

Macius 1 year

Dems are like junkies who lick the plate after last line of coke. Just to get little more of their fix.. Pathetic

consistency 1 year

let's see what all of the failed lawsuits didnt protect: financial records from Deutsche bank, emoluments and now Mueller's testimony. pass the popcorn.:)

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 year

Go and read those 77 "lies" in the CNN article! They are hilarious! None of those have any legal importance, just silly stuff that CNN added together to bloat that number and make it seem relevant!

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 year

CNN analysis is an oxymoron!

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