Facebook bans profiles for hate speech

Facebook bans profiles for hate speech

Facebook isn’t just banning Groups and Pages anymore. The social networking behemoth announced Thursday it has banned several high-profile accounts for violating the platform’s rules against dangerous individuals and organizations.

Daniel Linde
Daniel Linde
Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

wasn't Alex Jones banned from Fakebook like a year ago?

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 year

I love how anyone right of Stalin is "far-right"

drakethesnake 1 year

1 Alex Jones is actually insane and off his meds. 2 Social media is now the public square and banning anyone should have to go through a public process to do so. 3 If society decides that theses companies sould have the right to ban whoever they want, there needs to be a publicly funded alternative that has all of the capabilities of these platforms, like messaging, video hosting, group forming etc.

Petri Fide
Petri Fide 1 year

Assuming that Rachel Maddow was also banned for peddling bogus conspiracy theories and hate speach. Who am I kidding, the MadCow is protected with a blanket of Liberal Privilege?

Lenwë 1 year

Seems their policies are against free speech. 🤔

WWG1WGA 1 year

1984 is upon us. shutting down free speech is always pure evil

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

Now you know why there are so many ‘right wingers’ on sites like this lol

Sir_Kutz 1 year

New phone, what’s Facebook?

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

I don’t like the idea of anybody “editing” who I can and can’t watch or listen to— pardon the preposition. That includes nut jobs. I’ll be the judge thank you very much.

Manifest Maga
Manifest Maga 1 year

"Hatespeech" isn't real

Robert Balabaev
Robert Balabaev 1 year


Havoc44 1 year

apparently Louis Farrakhan is now right wing 😂

Donald Darko
Donald Darko 1 year

To be honest I'm not a fan but all this banning this and wiping away the memory of that and holding a person responsible for something relativity benign however distasteful they did 20, 30, 50 years ago or more is not what productive people do.

Libertatem Gentibus
Libertatem Gentibus 1 year

You mean they went against the forever changing ToS?

dominoeffect 1 year

Facebook is shit...can't believe anyone still uses it

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 1 year

In other news, apparently Islamist, anti semite (but I repeat myself,) and black supremacist Louis Farrakhan is a right winger now. Yet more evidence that totalitarian leftists think their vision of the annointed can never be tyrannical and that conservative = evil.

Bubbles 1 year


Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 year

goodbye free speech

Bartłomiej Styczeń
Bartłomiej Styczeń 1 year

Reading comments at the NYT gave me cancer. Don't go there guys, there's a whole bunch of people claiming arbitrary censorship is the best thing that could ever happen.

Rhonda 1 year

Kikebook hates free speech.

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