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Coal will play less-dominant energy role: China

Coal will play less-dominant energy role: China

The biggest user of coal in the world, China, has said that it is looking at the fossil fuel playing a smaller role in its energy mix. The country also said that despite the fact it currently has plans of building new coal-fired power plants, it will not be used on a wider scale. The comments have come following a pledge by Xi Jinping at the climate summit to work with the US to cut emissions.

Hollowhammer 2 weeks

But hey let's hamstring our own country by imposing inefficient green initiatives. I mean it's not like we all share the same air and China's pollution won't come here. No energy independence for you buckaroo.

Shmule 2 weeks

This topic has been hijacked. China funded 80% of new coal projects worldwide in 2020. This is what they call "greenwashing," AKA environmental hypocrisy. Pledges are just promises, liars make them more frequently than sincere people because they value them less.

Something Witty
Something Witty 2 weeks

Wow, really? It’s almost like we pulled out of these idiotic agreements because other countries weren’t adhering to them in the first place

Ddddd 2 weeks

Nuke ch1na

C 2 weeks

We will build more coal power plants but it will be less? Even a Marxist fool would know that this isn't true.

Buckner Abernathy
Buckner Abernathy 2 weeks

Wow CHIANA setting a great example for the world!!! Let the us he next!!!

TheMadDane 2 weeks


Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks


zJamz 2 weeks

I am just shocked that China will do whatever without concern for the environment.

Green 2 weeks

But hey, they are apart of the Paris agreement. So there's that....

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