Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew passes away at age 74

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew passes away at age 74

Peter Mayhew, the actor behind the iconic Chewbacca in the original ’Star Wars’ trilogy, died this week at the age of 74. At 7-foot 2, Mayhew took on the famous role of Chewie in ’Star Wars,’ ’The Empire Strikes Back,’ ’Return of the Jedi,’ ’Revenge of the Sith,’ and ’The Force Awakens’ before retiring. He is survived by his wife, Angie, and three children.

Seth Napier
Seth Napier 1 year


Global WAR Ming
Global WAR Ming 1 year

RRRRRRAAARRWWWWAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Translation: Rest in peace you wonderful legend, you will be missed.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Probably best he didn't have to see the ending of the star wars franchise.

Havoc44 1 year

yet another sign they shouldn't have killed off Han Solo. rest in peace mate

C_Eclipse_S 1 year


HueHueo Suezo
HueHueo Suezo 1 year


Dustin Pruitt
Dustin Pruitt 1 year

First Carrie Fischer, now Peter Mahew. They had one job and now that job is impossible. #Missedopportunities

Justin Kidd
Justin Kidd 1 year

He lost a lot of hair in his old age.

Commander REBEL
Commander REBEL 1 year


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