Job market grows well beyond what economists expected

Job market grows well beyond what economists expected

All the new hiring in April, plus an increase in people leaving the labor force, pushed the already super-low unemployment rate down even further, to 3.6 percent. That’s the lowest rate of unemployed Americans recorded since December 1969.

Daniel Linde
Daniel Linde
Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 8 months

Thanks Trump!

Drummerking 03
Drummerking 03 8 months

This is great, this will allow for the lower payed people to have more disposable income 😃

JMMA-Z 8 months

common sense for anyone who understands anything about economics. And to think there are people who really do think it was Obama. lol ridiculous

Unity.Nat 8 months

This just in! Economists show Political bias and are laid off.

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 8 months

Thanks brake obongo

ManTampon 8 months

Trust Vox to find a way to frame record low unemployment as a bad thing.

Vojin Milosavljevic
Vojin Milosavljevic 8 months


Nika D
Nika D 8 months

Damn robots taking over our jobs! Oh, wait...

Big Bang Boi
Big Bang Boi 8 months

It’s all this tRuMpEd uP tRiCkLe dOwN eCoNomiCs

Big Bang Boi
Big Bang Boi 8 months

Tired of winning

Black Propaganda
Black Propaganda 8 months

All this talk about jobs is making my mouth water. 😛

VoteMeForDictator 8 months

It's good... too good... *black pill intensifies*

PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy
PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy 8 months

Silly trumpestas fall for the cherry picked stats all the time, the long term trend shows that the rate of change of unemployment has slowed down since trump took office even though the massive tax cuts supposedly was supposed to super charge the economy.

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