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Suspected WWII ’grenade’ was really a sex toy: German police

Suspected WWII ’grenade’ was really a sex toy: German police

Police in Germany say a report of an unexploded hand grenade from the WWII was just a novelty sex toy. A jogger alerted police about a hand grenade in a bag in a Bavarian forest near Passau on Monday. The person, though, failed to mention that there were also several condoms and lubricant in the bag along with the ’bomb.’ ’There are actually sex toys in the form of hand grenades,’ police said.

bobby_5150 2 weeks

If you're brave enough, anything can be a dildo.

John 2 weeks

I've seen WW11 movies...the German made grenades were far more phallic in shape. The ones pictured are American replicas. They're not necessarily suitable for...oh wait...never mind

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 2 weeks

Well, that was a dud.

AD C 2 weeks

Insert[ failed to detonate, "I swear this never happens" ] joke here.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 weeks

And just like that, Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" comes to mind.

Viviko 2 weeks

Whoever left it there must have been booming with pleasure.

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 2 weeks

Quite the important piece of news

Tachyon 2 weeks

"This new vibrator is the bomb!"

Just Max
Just Max 2 weeks


Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 2 weeks

Eroupeans police are a joke sometimes

Daniel 2 weeks

Finally some real news

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