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CEO of Tennessee company fired over ’homophobic’ remarks

CEO of Tennessee company fired over ’homophobic’ remarks

Sam Johnson, the CEO of Tennessee-based telemedicine company VisuWell, has been fired after a video emerged in which he was seen making adverse remarks to a male high-school student in a prom dress. The student, James Dalton Stevens, told media that he wanted to make a statement with the dress but didn’t expect such a reaction from Johnson. VisuWell said the termination was effective immediately.

Daniel 1 weeks

The kid does look like an idiot. Cancel culture strikes again. What a joke.

Ned_Flanders 1 weeks

Its one thing to think someone looks dumb, but then to follow the kid around telling him he looks like a moron is just childish.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 weeks

These times really bring out the closet homophobics.

Joe 1 weeks

Are we apparently changing the definition of "-phobia" from having an irrational fear or feeling of terror of something to just not agreeing with something? I don't like pineapple on pizza, does that make me a pineapplephobe? No. Are vegans meataphobes? No. Just because these teenagers lack responsible parents who teach their kids not to be loud foul-mouthed obnoxious idiots in a common public area, and one of looks like a total moron who can't handle hearing what 90% of people actually think about how they look to others, doesn't mean the guy is a "homophobe" He didn't seem to suffer from am irrational and uncontrollable fear of the dumb foul-mouthed attention seeking boy in the ugly outdated dress from a John Hughes film.

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