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Kamala Harris says Barr ’lied to Congress’

Kamala Harris says Barr ’lied to Congress’

Sen. Kamala Harris accused Attorney General William Barr of lying to Congress, telling the audience during an NAACP event Sunday that Barr’s primary loyalty is to President Trump. Harris was speaking at a keynote speech at the Detroit NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund dinner.

Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards 1 year

And what was this lie, THE REPORT IS PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE

Stephen 1 year

Sure Kamala, Barr lied when he factually summarized a report that you can read in full. Even Mueller agrees that Barr's summary was entirely accurate. But his testimony and the report disproved the conspiracy theory that your side of the aisle has pushed for more than 2 years. So sure, He Lied. By telling the truth.

Diesel Paté
Diesel Paté 1 year

What affect does Barr have on how the report will be implemented?

David Grantham
David Grantham 1 year

There is so much political hackery in today’s politics. Politicians think their constituents are dumb and/or they’re too lazy to come up with rational policies.

consistency 1 year

can't believe people are so dug in that they don't even see Barr ever lied at all, even when faced with video of him completely contradicting the Mueller report with the text right next to it on the screen.

Aniolel Seer
Aniolel Seer 1 year

Or he refused to answer your ridiculous questions.

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 year

Didn't she lie about smoking pot and listening to Snoop Dogg?

Michael Tatom
Michael Tatom 1 year

Okay. What’s the lie? We’re waiting, Kamala.

trollingyou 1 year

Campaign must not be going in her favor, gotta drum up some support by lying.

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