US B-52 bombers land in Qatar over unspecified Iran threat

US B-52 bombers land in Qatar over unspecified Iran threat

The B-52 bombers ordered by the White House to deploy to the Persian Gulf to counter unspecified threats from Iran have begun to arrive at a major American air base in Qatar. Images released by the US Air Force showed B-52H Stratofortress bombers arriving at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar on Thursday.

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 1 year

hey. we're gonna spend your money doing this thing. when you're convinced, we will do something else, without sharing reasons.

Prismarine 1 year

Notice how leftist CBS News is taking the side of Iran?

Sir Dragon
Sir Dragon 1 year

I mean it's really only a matter of time . As a wise man once said :"World War III will begin in the middle east"

Dave 1 year

Qatar still has slavery. I think that needs sorting just as much as anything in Iran.

Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 1 year

To the crews of the B-52s...enjoy Al Udeid. Have a beer at the BRA for me.

drakethesnake 1 year

IRAQ HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IRAQ HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION... noooo we didn't make that up... so what if haliburton made billions of dollars...I know god told me to end the tyrany in Iraq... wait fuck oh sorry sorry... IRAN HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IRAN HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION REEEEEEEEEEE

Ste Stones
Ste Stones 1 year

Americans. Please try and stop your government breaking international laws in your name. You, the people, have a stronger power than your federal institutions.

Ste Stones
Ste Stones 1 year

@Ognar: those nuclear ‘threats’ regarding Iran have all been internationally debunked. Israel hoax.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 year

we should just make that place glow in the dark and be done with it

Ognar 1 year

This seems like the inevitable result of Iran's nuclear missile program. As Iran develops the ability to nuke Israel out of existence we will prepare to supply Iran with "mutually assured destruction". Iran being a death cult theocracy may be willing to embrace the suicide pact but the USA will ensure that if they push that button the Shia will soon be subsumed under the sunni onslaught.

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