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Poland cancels Israeli visit over Holocaust restitution

Poland cancels Israeli visit over Holocaust restitution

The Polish government has canceled a visit by an Israeli delegation because the Israeli government made last-minute changes that suggested they would raise the issue of the restitution of former Jewish property. The issue of former Jewish property in Poland is emerging as a major issue ahead of European elections this month.

MT144 1 year

money was taken by the germans. now the jews want to scam poles out of the money they didn't take?

Rick Smith
Rick Smith 1 year

This is some pretty dumb shit. Same as reparations for African Americans in US.

Milkshake 1 year

I just hope no Twitter Jews are stupid enough to start spamming 6 million in hopes of making Emotional Appeals, because Slavs collectively lost over 32 million people and upwards during WW2 alone.

Marcus Rogers
Marcus Rogers 1 year

Jews talking about polish land grabbing..... pot meet kettle, I'm sure the Palestinians would love to bring up that issue.

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 1 year

We want reparations for crimes that weren't committed against us from people who didn't perpetrate them. No, you get a passport, you go to Poland, become a citizen, and BUY your own damn land like everybody else. Even if Poland did give them some land, the Israelis would just start building fences in every direction and claim they're only "annexing" land because "4,000 years ago..."

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 year

Could anyone show what's the difference between the old Poland and the new? Lately it seems to possess about the same level of irresponsibility, but now they cannot claim they are under the Soviet boot.

GG WP 1 year

If the Jews keep pushing their luck they will eventually find themselves at the wrong end of the stick of truth. Nobody would tolerate them as it is if they weren't one of the last standing bastions against evil at this time when the real powers that be seem preoccupied with castrating themselves for entertainment purposes.

axel johns
axel johns 1 year

Israel doing a great job of making sure everyone hates Jews by the looks. just a friendly reminder that Israel doesn't represent all Jews

ReJewTech JewSA
ReJewTech JewSA 1 year

(((they))) just can't help themselves can they

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Let’s blame the most tolerant country towards Jews in the history of the world for the actions of the Germans.

DivineDawn 1 year

you know if England used to own half the Fucking world at one point yet you don't see us going "oi mate!!! we own your country we do!!! ye my ancestors conquered you back in 1601 now give es your country!!" you know abit ridiculous like we used to say in the playground no take backsies!

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